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  1. Broke down and went to Digital Ocean. It's better than I'd expected.

    1. burt


      I have an account with them, with credit on it.  I jsut could not understand how to make it work, so I gave up!

    2. clustersolutions


      Feel free to shoot any questions about making it work. I found it easier to use than AWS, and has plenty of enterprise features that are great for shop owners, and not to mention the performance smokes the old dedicated server. The $5 droplet is plenty to start, just add a 1 G swap space to run MySQL, and go with the LAMP stack instance so less packages to install. You can always size up the instance. Also, be sure to use a datacenter that has additional data volume feature as not all datacenter yet allows a disk volume being added. This is something for sure will become necessary. We are using G Suite to handle emails.