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  1. 2.4 Series

    I think I may know the answer to this one. No!?
  2. ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    It's a matter of having options and for some of those long time OSC users being able to keep indexed URL the same moving forward would be highly desirable. I would work on it because I use it, but I found it hard to try hitting a moving target. Wow, three yrs had passed since I touched this repo...I think I stopped as I was waiting for the db module to finalize. https://github.com/clustersolutions/Ultimate_Seo_Urls_5_PRO_BS
  3. ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    I think at one time it probably gave an advantage. No one's every gonna know if that component was completely removed within the ranking algo, or was it just because there are just so many other important factors that are being considered now. I found it kinda hard to make comparison with mega sites that had reached a critical mass for its organic traffic. Also, keep in mind that there are other search engines, and Google isn't even allowed in China. My $0.02.
  4. Help with ot_shipping due the free shipping

    @sinopia, I believe there were quite a few places that required core code mods, may be schema as well. I hv been waiting for a stable/finalized OSC frame work b4 further dev...I would by then. Hope u known what I mean.
  5. Falcon Heavy launch

    Yeah, and I’m the old guy in the office.
  6. Falcon Heavy launch

    @MrPhil, yeah, you really can't blame them, as putting anything useful up would required $$$ to support it pre and post the launch. I wonder if that Tesla is fully functional. Plus, that rocket was going for a passage that probably not very ideal for LEO or even GEO orbit. @John W, Frankies Wings, that's where we use to go for our post launch party. Their 911 wings were GOOD! I wonder if it's still there. Fishlips, I have never been to. Another place I like in Titusville I think it was Dixie Crossroad. Awesome rockshrimp!!! Yeah, any night launch is always good. You know, the fastest take offs are those Altas and Delta med size rockets, the shuttle and the Titan sometimes I felt like they were hanging in mid air slow in coming up to speed. Hey, how about being woken up by the sonic booms when the shuttle was returning for landing? I don't know if I ever seen a test launch as such, this may be the first one for me. There's reasons on the $300 and $90 mil price tags. I bet the cost of the Falcon Heavy will be a lot more expensive by the time its ready for the real deal, and not to mention should it ever became ready for manned space flight.
  7. Falcon Heavy launch

    Your right! The 98 Cape failure I was already in CA. @john W, I definitely had another senior moment. Getting old...there were two Titan failures during that time frame. I was thinking about the one at Vandenberg. We lost 3 Atlas/Centaur and that Titan when I was there. I had always felt like I was there for the Cape one as I had always occasional nightmares on one of those thing blowing up during ascent just like what had happened. So many things can go wrong during the countdown and take off and to me its a miracle when everything works. I remember thinking that to myself as I stood at the base looking up at the 20 stories high rocket.
  8. Falcon Heavy launch

    Yeah, MrPhil, the solids were the boosters so when they split, the first stage core carrying UDMH was destroyed leading to a big orange puff. Thats what happened to that flight. I was a propulsion system flight engineer for the upperstage, and I loaded Hydrazine in SCAPE at pad 40 and 41. The old timer contractors called us whims for being in SCAPE, they would carry out working on UDMH equipment unprotected, and dripping in orange sweat in the summer time. Some of them were dying from cancer at the end. Hydrazine is much more "potent" than UDMH, and when you can smell it, you already have taken a lethal dosage. So SCAPE was mandatory. I wasn't always a code monkey, but you know, you are better in seeing the big picture buy reading the flight software than the mechanical manual.
  9. Falcon Heavy launch

    I remember, I worked on the Titan IV program in the 90's. The solid rocket booster had a fine crack in the solid propellant, the "fuel" in those things burnt in radial direction so a small crack had created an uneven burnt and a large delta pressure. It tore the case apart. You don't wanna be around when one of those blows up because it's extreme toxic. UDMH fuel, a big orange cloud. I still remember I used to stood outside of my office, directly across from the Shuttle pads to watch the launches, they were awesome, but the AF finally had decided it was too dangerous and cleared us out. If you think about it, $90 millions for the first Heavy launch as a validation to the potential customers really isn't that bad, plus he's getting a lot of marketing mileage for the Tesla; the cost of a typical lunch is around $300 millions. Plus, who would wanna be the first and put their payload on it, and I doubt the launch can even be insured. One bird many stones. So the end result was they lost one booster in the sea, and said Starman had overshot its Mars approach. I kinda got a feeling that Mars was never the intended target, and probably it was misunderstood when someone said it may reach Mars. Yeah, without a real intention it may be hard to define a success or failure. I am just wondering how long they plan on live feeding Starman back to us. Plastic out gas and the outter space is extremely harsh without the protection of radiation shields. I would like to see the outer space effects on the Tesla. Oh, @John W, I grew up in the Tampa Bay area, I remember seeing the Challenger "Y" trail...I was in high school and my AP Physics teacher was one of the finalists for the teacher in space program. I guess She was glad that she wasn't chosen, and she was a little bitter when she was lost to a "history" teacher.
  10. How configure SMTP email

    yum install mailx works too.
  11. Data base over populate limits

    @ken_shea, that's hardly a lot of data. Should you even have latency issue and it was id to be an issue of the DB. I would look to tune the issue instead. Feel free to report back when that happens and there should be plenty of people here that would help.
  12. Customer not charged shipping?

    The first thing I would do is to carry on a checkout as the customer and see what happened. I guess either login as the customer, if you are able to, or just use the customer's shipto address. Let us know what happened and it should help narrow down the issue.
  13. Credit Class/Gift Voucher Can't Assign Percentage Discounts

    @puggybelle, I'll be damn and what do you know. I tested it and your right that your MySQL must be in some kinda strict mode. It doesn't store that '%' number anymore. I now recall I had to downgrade the MySQL engine in the config file at startup, but for other reasons. BTW, this codes should work, and just update it in your coupon_admin.php...yeah, comment that one line and replace it with what's below it should do. Good luck! //if (substr($coupon_amount, -1) == '%') $coupon_type='P'; if (substr($coupon_amount, -1) == '%') { $coupon_type='P'; $coupon_amount = preg_replace('/%/', '', $coupon_amount); }
  14. Credit Class/Gift Voucher Can't Assign Percentage Discounts

    @puggybelle, I don't know anything about Advanced Specials, but when I do a "desc coupon" in mysql, I get amount is a decimal, which means you cannot store the '%' sign in that column. I believe CCGV strips the '%' sign and store the amount in numeric value. It uses the column coupon_type 'p' to denote it's a percent off coupon. Some where along the way in the coupon admin that logic is not working right for you. Strange, it probably has nothing to do with the DB upgrade if it was working before. I upgraded PHP and DB many times and never had any issues with CCVG. I had CCVG runnning since 2004, and I now run PHP 5.6.31 and Mysql (Percona) 5.7. OSC BS.
  15. How is the DB Insertion being done ?

    What happens when your product also has color option? How you gonna store the EAN? Also, I would look into the AM's source, I recall it uses AJAX to update the backend.