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  1. Geez, it is a wild wild west. The tax below price module used the same technique and class name to extend the currencies class to display tax. Ya, pick either module, do a search and replace of all the "currencies_mod" to "currencies_mod_copy" should fix ur problem. I recall these module files were self-contained within the module's directory. Do a uninstall and install of that module afterward to activate the change. I suggest to use something like Sublime text editor to do the search and replace...unless PHPStorm is available to you...good luck! Yeah, you can't redeclare a class name.
  2. clustersolutions

    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    We want lightweight and we want features OOTB so it's gonna be one or the other. To be honest, what's lightweight anymore if a mobile device easily has couple GB...
  3. clustersolutions

    Confirmation mail sometimes not sent to shop owner

    Yours could be anything...check the spam folder? but check with the server logs and possible to confirm the confirmation email was indeed sent? the logs may contain errors too... So was the from field indeed had multiple addresses?
  4. clustersolutions

    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    Brand new is good. The true is who would want to fork a dated framework. Framework with MVC/React/Angular would make it damn sexy! Oh, don't forget to make it available in a public github/bitbucket repo for those who want to code and not test.
  5. clustersolutions

    Fatal Error Line 78

    what did usu5.php line 78 read?
  6. clustersolutions

    DDOS on shared servers

    Cloud is good. Let them worry about DDoS. At this stage and age, some one need to containerize OsC/Phoenix so it can be simply deployed on any IaaS using docker.
  7. clustersolutions

    Next osCommerce v4 demo

    It'll be interesting to see the new code base and the business model.I hope there is a new framework that could draw in new developers. Devs like to work on cool stuffs. There's been a lot of cool stuffs since OSC and Phoneix--containerization, microservices, ElasticSearch, Kafka, Redis, NoSQL like Cassandra and etc...throw all the bells and whistles at it to make it awesome and stood out from the rest. Let's face it moving from OSC or Phoenix to V4 will not be an easy migration given how the original cart was so "customizable" so make it worthwhile. I spent over 15+ years in opensource/startups and am now working at a big publicly traded software company with a 30+ year old platform/code base, and it's been interesting experiencing the company and it's fortune 100 clients who are used to white gloves services trying to adopt opensource. I don't think that the question on "can it be done or how?" has been addressed yet because it isn't easy...ya, I am interested to see how this will turn out...thx! BTW, "low-codes" is the buzz word now I think...
  8. clustersolutions

    Next osCommerce v4 demo

    Hope it's alright to provide some suggestions: Record the demo session and provide the recording. The sooner people get to see the s/w, repo, and app features the better to find volunteers. For dotcomboomers they'll be thinking what's in it for me, and for millennials they probably will do things for a cause that they believe in. Wiki type content management perhaps people can submit contents that are pending approval? The thought here was to just make it open. Read a story about Elastic Search and on how the founder was dumbfounded as it gained traction after it was put in an opensource git repo. Thanks!
  9. clustersolutions

    Next osCommerce v4 demo

    i think sooner the better getting some kinda demo or repo online to keep people's interest be good for sure. if the migration was to be very complex what gives the new OSC advantage over other carts or SaaS, right?
  10. clustersolutions

    Gift vouchers

    Sure thing. It tapped into the CCGV contribution and used the following workflow: Mail GV, sent single email to an admin account. Login to customer account and redeem the GV code. GV can be retrieved from GV Sent landing page or the admin's email, and the landing page also provides an audit trail. This assume an already working GV module, and it by passed the GV queue and release steps from the original contribution. Further automation should be possible, but the implementation was quick and painless for small stores which has the need to provide store credits. I have to agree the GV purchase offer wasn't very popular for small/medium stores, and if there were a demand for it it would probably be better off partnering with Visa/MC and offering/selling their gift CC I would think. Screen capture attached. Please feel free to comment. Thanks! Oh, the customers can also see the available store credit from the account dropdown (additional hack, the store was also integrated with an ERP, which provided a pdf credit invoice under order history/status).
  11. clustersolutions

    Gift vouchers

    gift voucher portion can be hacked into also provide store credit. some to consider...oh, gave great audit trail when needed too.
  12. clustersolutions

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Thanks for the info.! Congrats and that's awesome! Glad to had done a drive by here...looking forward to checking out V4 for sure.
  13. clustersolutions

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Cool, does new management also mean total ownership of the brand/codes/sites and everything? Nice! Will Harold play any part in the new management?
  14. It's been a long time and just a drive by "Hello" and hope everyone stays safe!

  15. clustersolutions

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    You can't do it. It needs the product id unique key. Now, you can put a unique index on the column that you want to use as your permalink, and then you should be able to convert the "permalink" desc to product id "upstream" of any "product_id" requirements and use it that way...that would be the easiest hack. But if you get a lot of errors as you are creating that unique index...you would have some cleanup work to do...by then you should know what I mean "it needs an unique key..."