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  1. clustersolutions

    2.4 Series

    As always I'm in the fog...can someone PM me the link to the forked repo on github? I would luv to hv a look...thx!
  2. clustersolutions

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    You can't do it. It needs the product id unique key. Now, you can put a unique index on the column that you want to use as your permalink, and then you should be able to convert the "permalink" desc to product id "upstream" of any "product_id" requirements and use it that way...that would be the easiest hack. But if you get a lot of errors as you are creating that unique index...you would have some cleanup work to do...by then you should know what I mean "it needs an unique key..."
  3. clustersolutions

    Paypal Standard Order Status Not Updated

    @milerwan Ok, I have to check my Paypal setting... IPN disabled. PDT - Website payment preference -> auto return -> on -> back to checkout_process.php URL, PDT -> on. These should be the minimum, I may have to modify checkout_process to work with PDT...
  4. clustersolutions

    Paypal Standard Order Status Not Updated

    @milerwan, hey, what verion of OSC and Paypal and etc. that you are using? Mine was on BS, probably Edge, and I had to reinstall Paypal somehow. Also, it seems that I had to setup IPN and PDT on Paypal to get it to work. Did you do that? I will have to look into it some more when I have a chance to remember what I did...LMK. Thx!
  5. clustersolutions

    Pay what you want pricing

    Well, I once heard in a TIM: "WHAT!? Engineers going off the tangent!?" It's really not as complicated as getting that damn CCGV to work!
  6. clustersolutions

    Pay what you want pricing

    I think it's a matter of store policy and work flow...the customer wouldn't owe anything until the time of purchase of the new "lesson." For us the store credit was the original order value minus the shipping and restock fee, and the customer was free to use it to buy whatever next.
  7. clustersolutions

    Pay what you want pricing

    @jimlongo , ah, you need a credit/voucher module. Someone was just asking about CCGV in this forum. Your customer is returning a "product", which you can issue a "pro-rated" refund to the account, a store credit. Now let them know the credit is in their account so they can go purchase whatever lesson it is that they want and apply the credit at checkout. That's how I had dealt with return/exchange, credit in the account, and cut another order and apply the credit at checkout. No mess...
  8. clustersolutions


    I know, but it may give you an idea on what needed to be changed if you compare mine with the canned version.
  9. clustersolutions


    PM me your email or something and I can send you a copy of my Paypal_standard.php file. You do have to hack it to work with CCGV.
  10. clustersolutions

    Customer Credit

    CCGV, but I don't know which version is the best to start with, but you can hack the gift voucher side to generate credit for customers, once your get the module to work. The hack is simple. The gift card feature was never useful for me, sold zero gift cards anyway...I had used it for give me your email and get $10 credit in your account as well as for return/exchange and etc...
  11. clustersolutions

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hmm...true, clean code is important... I don't know if this banaid is better than the previous one, but they both offer a similar solution. I would really do a var_dump($text_array) or print_r($text_array) just before the foreach statement to get a stack trace of the argument. You really need to know why PHP was complaining. In fact, the foreach statement wasn't just looking for an array, and it was expecting an associative array. FWR is a smart dude, I would definitely understood why before deciding on a fix. That would be my approach...some upstream setting may just fix the warning.
  12. clustersolutions


    So your were saying your gift card checkout could handle free shipping before your had changed your payment method from something to Paypal? I think CCGV modify your order_total class during a "full" checkout to make things work. I would just dive right into the Paypal Express and update the codes there. You should be able to reference CCGV/order_total class for the mod. Good luck!
  13. clustersolutions

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Don't think MySQL cache works at this time, but u did not say much about the version of your OSC and environment. Anyway, just use file cache, I was gonna rewrite the DB cache part but had decided to wait after hearing the 2.4 release announcement at that time...
  14. @Portman This is where you can make it happen...it was a simple module. https://github.com/clustersolutions/osc-price-display-members-only/blob/9f3970e9e8dbf8deabe2100dbb5ff69a5db5e9c4/catalog/includes/modules/bootstrap/bt_price_display.php#L67 You will need to make sure that the $customers_group_id was already registered as a session variable before this module. Modify the if conditional statement to validate $customers_group_id per your requirements.. if (tep_session_is_registered('customer_id') && tep_session_is_registered('customers_group_id') && $customers_group_id > 0 && defined(MODULE_BOOTSTRAP_PRICE_DISPLAY_STATUS) && MODULE_BOOTSTRAP_PRICE_DISPLAY_STATUS == 'True') { . . . I hope this make sense...but you need to test it to be sure. https://github.com/clustersolutions/osc-price-display-members-only/blob/9f3970e9e8dbf8deabe2100dbb5ff69a5db5e9c4/catalog/includes/modules/bootstrap/bt_price_display.php#L67 if (tep_session_is_registered('customer_id') && defined(MODULE_BOOTSTRAP_PRICE_DISPLAY_STATUS) && MODULE_BOOTSTRAP_PRICE_DISPLAY_STATUS == 'True') { if (tep_session_is_registered('customer_id') && defined(MODULE_BOOTSTRAP_PRICE_DISPLAY_STATUS) && MODULE_BOOTSTRAP_PRICE_DISPLAY_STATUS == 'True') {
  15. Your requirements still kinda vague, it can be done, but you will need to get familiar with both modules/apps in order to integrate it. May be try to ask some more specific questions? I will have to wait until I have the time to refresh my memory on even my own codes...thx!