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  1. clustersolutions

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Don't think MySQL cache works at this time, but u did not say much about the version of your OSC and environment. Anyway, just use file cache, I was gonna rewrite the DB cache part but had decided to wait after hearing the 2.4 release announcement at that time...
  2. @Portman This is where you can make it happen...it was a simple module. https://github.com/clustersolutions/osc-price-display-members-only/blob/9f3970e9e8dbf8deabe2100dbb5ff69a5db5e9c4/catalog/includes/modules/bootstrap/bt_price_display.php#L67 You will need to make sure that the $customers_group_id was already registered as a session variable before this module. Modify the if conditional statement to validate $customers_group_id per your requirements.. if (tep_session_is_registered('customer_id') && tep_session_is_registered('customers_group_id') && $customers_group_id > 0 && defined(MODULE_BOOTSTRAP_PRICE_DISPLAY_STATUS) && MODULE_BOOTSTRAP_PRICE_DISPLAY_STATUS == 'True') { . . . I hope this make sense...but you need to test it to be sure. https://github.com/clustersolutions/osc-price-display-members-only/blob/9f3970e9e8dbf8deabe2100dbb5ff69a5db5e9c4/catalog/includes/modules/bootstrap/bt_price_display.php#L67 if (tep_session_is_registered('customer_id') && defined(MODULE_BOOTSTRAP_PRICE_DISPLAY_STATUS) && MODULE_BOOTSTRAP_PRICE_DISPLAY_STATUS == 'True') { if (tep_session_is_registered('customer_id') && defined(MODULE_BOOTSTRAP_PRICE_DISPLAY_STATUS) && MODULE_BOOTSTRAP_PRICE_DISPLAY_STATUS == 'True') {
  3. Your requirements still kinda vague, it can be done, but you will need to get familiar with both modules/apps in order to integrate it. May be try to ask some more specific questions? I will have to wait until I have the time to refresh my memory on even my own codes...thx!
  4. Ah...hello...you can't have such associative array... This is ok. $slicks = []; This append to the array.. $slicks[] = []; I would just comment out those lines and see what happens. Yeah, I took one look at the stock image gallery and went to bxslider and never looked back...
  5. @Bobber , I hope no one minds me tell you this. @oscoMMarket had shared with me that his posts are being moderated from this point forward. So, I think be patience and if he had responded it may take a while for it to become available.
  6. clustersolutions

    BS4 admin

    Good man, thx and appreciate it!
  7. clustersolutions

    BS4 admin

    You can check out this branch, may be we can work together on it. https://github.com/clustersolutions/osCommerce-234-bootstrap/tree/osc2nuke
  8. clustersolutions

    BS4 admin

    I think I would keep uncoupling html and php in my mind, but if it is easy peasy I would say go for it. Remember, V3 ended with the attempt to uncouple html and php, and 2.4 I think had an attempt to do that also. You don't want to continue diving into the deep end. You know you can borrow from existing framework's MVC? Oh, for now, again...you probably have a full plate.
  9. clustersolutions

    BS4 admin

    The only thing is I am indifferent with $oscTemplate...I don't know if I am ready to put effort into it except for whatever's avail. Don't ask me why, it's just a gut thing for now...
  10. clustersolutions

    BS4 admin

    I hv not looked at the internals of BS since 2014... So to check it out I have just merged the latest and greatest...frozen and this admin... https://github.com/clustersolutions/osCommerce-234-bootstrap/tree/osc2nuke The installer ran, but I got these errors, they are stored in the DB configurations table? I am running PHP 7.2.5...
  11. clustersolutions

    BS4 admin

    No doubt! Admin is very important. Reporting, machine learning, marketing like email campaign, integration with Sendgrid/MailChimp and etc. That stuffs are important for conversions. How many of you actually use the products_view data? And how many of you know products_view indiscriminately tracks robot clicks (at least the last time I checked it) too? Just imagine if the "admin" would collect all the clicks and etc of a user session and gaining insight on visitor habits...it's gonna be in admin.
  12. clustersolutions

    BS4 admin

    Not entirely true, it can still be merged, but may be with a little more work... From Ben Parker: "with power also comes great responsibility..." It's time for unity...I doubt there'll be much income generating possibility until a more sounded user base.
  13. clustersolutions

    BS4 admin

    Hmmm...I'm getting censored...it's supply and demand...it's hard to pay for something that I have no demands for. Actually, I had in the past, even sent beer money, just never gotten a reply. I wonder who drank that beer or probably beers...