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  1. What work is actually being undertaken lately to improve upon the 2.3.1 release? Maintaining an osCommerce store is a pain, plain and simple. Integrating community contributions is tedious job at best and for the worst will cause immense headache and nightmares.
  2. I can say that I encountered the same issue as colageneral and found out how to resolve the issue. In my situation, the problem was that I had forgotten to install the module via the admin tool. (Modules > Action Recorder) What happens is that when the module is not installed and you try to send a message via the form on 'index_maintenance', the function that checks whether the module is installed will return false, leading to a default error message being generated. (in this case, the message 'Error: An enquiry has already been sent. Please try again in 15 minutes.') Version info: * OsCommerce v2.3.1 * Store Mode v1.3 (30/05/2011)