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  1. benjackson

    Header Tags SEO

    i am trying to use Header tags SEO and looks a great bit of kit EXCEPT that it removes the already great title that osCommerce makes for me, which for me comes out as 'my product code+manufacturer+category' which looks great (as I made my data this way, v_products_name_1 from Easy Populate), and with the triple whammy of being in my URL as well as the main header on the page, gives me some good keyword density. is there anyway that SEO header tags can do this for me, without me having to go into every single of my 1000+ products? or can i stop SEO header tags from changing the title and leaving it as osCommerce made it? many thanks
  2. benjackson

    Sitemap SEO

    its ok worked it out, simply have to put one line of code into the includes\languages\english\modules\boxes\bm_information.php file before the last ?> define('MODULE_BOXES_INFORMATION_SITEMAP_SEO', 'Sitemap'); The 3 admin errors, was my FU, forgot to upload the language file for the admin side.
  3. benjackson

    Sitemap SEO

    hello I am not getting the proper naming conventions on both the admin pages, and on my site? I have uploaded everything as per the instructions and also edited as per instructions. I see above that there is a similar error that some people have experienced but am not so sure how to correct it? thanks for input MODULE_BOXES_INFORMATION_SITEMAP_SEO on the user page and the 3 admin pages are not labelling properly