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  1. nevermind everyone, i used dynamic image resizer and everything is ok now...I assume the html_output file was messed up...
  2. Oh man, I figured out the answer. I edited the html_output file using the dynamic image resizer and some code got messed up somehow so I reinstalled the resizer and it works again. Lol!
  3. i'm not sure if this has been answered, but...how do i get the category images to display...all I'm seeling in the view source is /images...no picture even though I specified the correct path to the image. I'm trying to figure out what $categories['categories_image'] is defined as...help?
  4. Hmm...one last problem...the categories page doesn't show images...it's just <img src="images/" ...
  5. woohoo! nevermind, simple fix! just change the dir location in the php files!
  6. I guess another option would be to have OPI and Easy Populate create a thumb in the thumbs/def/large/ directory upon .csv upload...ya?
  7. Oops, it looks like I didn't upload the edited 2.3.1 files. Looking at view source I can now see all of the images being scripted, BUT it points to a thumb directory that I don't have (I assume I need to use the admin product info panel to create those?) If I use Easy Populate and upload the files manually to my server, can I make it not use the thumb directory and instead use the normal /images directory? None of my images are showing up including the ones I put in using the normal admin product info panel method...
  8. Hello, I'm trying to use this along with Easy Populate 2.77. I've gotten so far as to find the additional images in the Easy Populate .csv files under v_products_images that have been uploaded using the admin panel based product info editing page. Such as "image1.jpg,image2.jpg,image3.jpg" ...etc. If I add new pictures using the same format of newpicture1.jpg,newpicture2.jpg, etc that I've uploaded to the /images folder they don't appear. I've figured out that it's obviously not being computed by any of the scripts in the whole system, opi or osc. I've even looked at the php database under products_images and do not find the picture names listed there either. So my question is, can you code a script or something in the next release to be able to upload some pictures to an image folder, write the names and paths of the pictures into the .csv file for Easy Populate under v_products_images and have it display on the product info page?