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  1. Hi Tim, I cant view the image sorry.
  2. Hi cyberndj, Sorry I am late with my reply. It looks as though you have added child attributes fine for that product and now it isnt working, is that right? I can't honestly see why that would be the case, maybe a conflict with another addon?? You could try adding this in /admin/child_attributes.php: echo $oa_action; above this: switch ($oa_action) This will output the action to the screen and you should see like the image attached. By doing this you can at least see if the actions are being called properly, by the look of your image the dropdown boxes arent even showing, they should be there but empty if no options were found for the product.
  3. Hi Chris, I've had a look in my source files and I don't have a double 'where' on that line. Must have happened when you were editing the files :huh: Glad you found it :thumbsup:
  4. @@clippers Can't really help you with the module but I suggest installing this addon http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7705/v,23. This has been invaluable for debugging code, especially when ajax calls and multiple files are involved.
  5. @@paulwarwicker Sorry I couldnt help. It must be an issue with paypal module. I did have this installed once, before I installed CCGV but removed it when paypal did the dirty on us, will never use them for business again. I hope you manage to figure it out, good luck.
  6. to paulwarwicker. Check that your gift voucher product has the Model prefixed with 'GIFT' otherwise it will not be recognised as a gift voucher. For example you could call it GIFT_Voucher or GIFT_10, etc.
  7. to nicerico. I believe it was around line 150 in includes\modules\order_total\ot_coupon.php replace: $pr_c = ($order->products[$i]['final_price'] * $order->products[$i]['qty']); with: $pr_c = $this->product_price(tep_get_prid($order->products[$i]['id'])); $pr_c = $this->product_price($order->products[$i]['id']);
  8. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8002
  9. Option Value Functions for Osc 2.3.1 Released under GNU GPL By FNZB This contribution will allow you to populate attribute values by running a function. As an example I used it to obtain childrens names from the DB that were saved by each customer. As these values are dynamic I wanted to populate a select box to allow the customer to assign a product to their children. This contribution can be found here
  10. Child Attributes for Osc 2.3.1 Released under GNU GPL By FNZB This contribution will allow you to assign child attributes to product attribute values. For example, if you have 3 Shirt types and each one has different colour options: Shirt Type: (Option Name) - Shirt 1 (Option value) - Colour:(Option Name) - White (Option value) - Black (Option value) - Shirt 2 - Colour: - Red - White - Blue - Shirt 3 - Colour: -Green I have only taken this to one sub level as that is all I required it for. It could probably be modified to allow multiple sub levels if required. This contribution can be found here
  11. fnzb

    Paymate Support Thread

    In case anyone is still looking at this forum and trying to figure out how to get this contribution to work here is a little info I have found while trying to incorporate it into my oscommerce 2.3.1 shop. Thanks to daoutlawz for his post, it helped me a lot: After run a test payment through I put in the correct info for my paymate account and received the same message as dhindry So I viewed the page source for the paymate payment page and found a bunch of hidden fields that it seems you can change by passing them values via the url. For example one is currency, so by changing the url to this : $this->form_action_url = 'https://www.paymate.com/PayMate/ExpressPayment?mid=testuser&currency=NZD'; I was able to change the currency to NZ dollars and remove the error message above. I remember seeing another post where someone wanted to give the buyer the ability to change the payment value, you can do this by passing the parameter amt_editable with the value 'YES' $this->form_action_url = 'https://www.paymate.com/PayMate/ExpressPayment?mid=testuser&amt_editable=YES'; There are other parameters that are listed there so have a look. I hope this helps those of you setting up this contribution.