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  1. Thanks for this great contribution! I use it for a while and it works great. But now i got a little problem: I want to link a product to an other categorie, but i want the url different. So for example: productcat1-product1.html link to categorie2, the link should be productcat2-product1.html when i just copy the product the link is ok, but my stock will also double so the products has to be linkt Does anybody knows how to do this? Thanks in advanced. Gijs
  2. Last post for today.. :S My lesson: listen to Jack_mcs the link was incorrect... Thanks!!!
  3. Ok back to problem 1 Turning off the automatic redirects doesnt work for me. no errors but also no nice url's, perhaps it is a broken code but dont know how to fix this'.
  4. OK, found the problem, or better i don'n get the error anymore. In the admin section i had to set the option: Enable automatic redirects? to "false" Now i only remain with the question: why and what does this setting has to do for me?
  5. I think its not in the code.. not sure. When i turn ultimate seo off-> the product link on the home page stays the same, but will direct me to the correct product, instead of giving me a 404 error. so still generate the link: mydomain.com/product_info.php?products_id=42?osCsid=f8158909efc0d971649117c00f250838
  6. Hello, First of all: THANKS for the contribution!!! I used it on other webshops and it always worked Good. Now I'm making a new webshop. I use osc 2.2 rc2 and ultimate seo 2.2d Installed every thing and it seems to work everywhere BUT When i come for the first time on the webshop, and i make the first click on a product detail I get redirected to mydomain.com/product_info.php?products_id=42?osCsid=f8158909efc0d971649117c00f250838 following with a 404 error, instead of a nice .html page When i click back and select the same product it rewrites fine, and every page after that also. When i go to: mydomain.com/product_info.php?products_id=42 i works and i get a nice redirect to a .html page Its only the first click Does somebody know how to resolve this problem? Thanks in advanced, Gijs