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  1. @@toyicebear Many thanks for your advice and as stated early on in my posts, I did say I thought I had the correct add on for this to work and I have this one now: Many thanks my friends for all your help and keep up the good work guys. Stephen Smith.
  2. @@DunWeb & @@jmdean I have read both sides of this issue, and I know what you are both stating, but as much as I know that "PayPal" have their rules and regulations etc what @@jmdean was getting at, bears what I am trying to state also. I agree @@DunWeb, that your browser would remember your Username & Password, for a speedy checkout once the sign up has taken place. But as stated my client does want a fast checkout, and I can just add "PayPal" buttons for each of his products, and then simple, either you have a "PayPal" account and pay or use your CC / DC. People do not seem to mind that, all this form filling in can cause issues with customers, as they want to buy and go my friends and many buyers on the net today have "PayPal" accounts already.. Chris you mention about a "Guest Checkout" and I knew that was a option, can you please inform me how this is done as I am sure on newer versions of osCommerce this can be done via admin by ticking a box? But on this version being V2.2 RC2, I am guessing a "Add On" is required? Please advise. Many thanks for taking the time to respond and all the best Chris & Mark. Stephen Smith.
  3. Hello Fellow Members, I require some help please. I have a client that does not like the fact that if anyone buys a product etc, that they are required to make an account up before paying. While this maybe a good idea, most people want speed, buy and go sort of thing. Now I know there is a "PayPal" add-on that can do this, but I have been looking in the add-on section, and although I think I have the correct one for the job, I would like somebody to confirm this please. So basically, the add-on must by-pass the "Make An Account" up, and just let the clients pay via "PayPal" please. This website in question is using the V2.2 RC2 version. Many thanks for any advice that anyone can give and all the best to all members. Stephen Smith.