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  1. Hi guys, I am interested in this topic, too. I use Google Analytics, too - but I am missing complete site links (not only to a domain). In another older shop I had a contribution "user tracking" which showed my complete links. For example if someone reading this thread would click onto my website - the user tracking would show me the complete link back to this exact thread (not only to the domain forums.oscommerce.com ... However, I tried to install this contribution and I got NO ERROR at all. It just doesn't seem to work. There is nothing to be seen - nowhere ... I Any idea? What tools do you use to learn more about your users and where they exactly come from???? Thanks, Misha
  2. Hello, does this work with OSCommerce 2.3.1? What are your experiences? Or is there a better alternative? Thanks, Misha
  3. Nevermind. Fixed it myself. Just changed a little bit here and there in the product_listing.php. Thanks!
  4. Hi Jose, many thanks for the great Add-On. In theory it works very good for me (especially at the New Product of the month site) However, not on the product listing page itself, because I also modified my shop to show the product listing in columns (this Add-On: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7696) Actually this is pretty similar to the design of the new product of the month site, so what piece of code do I need to change? I guess for somebody with coding experience like you, this is a piece of cake, but I am absolutely new to this and can just do copy /paste ... ;-) Hope somebody can help me ...? Many thanks, Misha