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  1. hi @@14steve14, Thank you every so much for the help before (and many other times through out this forum!) and sorry for a rather late and poor reply. To be honest Im very new to this and Im not sure how to answer your question in a good way. I'm using the normal "Postage and Service' module with the Free Product Checkout http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8080 . I'm also using "Shorter Checkout for OSc 2.3X. And I've managed to get it to work with both downloads costing money and for free downloads. I hope this might help. Otherwise if you can be more specific I will try my best to answer your questions. Kindest Regards Oscar
  2. Hi all, After a lot of help from this thread I've managed to install and get this to work more or less. First of all: Thank you for a nice contribution and thread! :thumbsup: Although in order to get the download link to appear automatically after paypal payment I have to set the Downloads Controller Order Status Value to 2. If I set it to 10 or above it doesn't work - is this a problem and if so what can I do about it? (Also, is the Downloads Controller Update Status Value important? I have set this to 15) I would really appreciate if someone could explain what Downloads Controller Order Status Value is and what the number stands for. Also from paypal I have auto return to checkout_process. However, in the settings in Oscommerce admin area should I have any specific setting for paypal on: Set Preparing Order Status (currently I have "Download Now Available") and Set PayPal Acknowledged Order Status: (currently I have "Processing". Are these related to the Download Controller Update Status Value and the functionality of this contribution? Sorry for all the questions, although they have in one way or another been asked in the thread without any satisfying answer. Please help - any help is of course much appreciated. (PS It might be good to know that I have got this to work with Free Product Checkout for files that I want to be free (w00t) ) Kind regards.