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  1. Hi, I got it working I mist the install button at the top of the order total modules. But now when I try to redeem the coupon code it sends me back to the customer login screen and then I can't login any more although I have the inlog code's right.
  2. Hi i installed the ccgv 6.0 on a clean install of oscommerce 2.3.1. And at first it looks like everything works fine no errors or anything. But when I set a coupon code up and tried to use it. I noticed that there is no field to put the code in the ceckout process als I canot ad it in the admin menu because I only got the 4 choices: shpping,sub total, tax and total but I have uploaded al the files to the directorys like includes/modules/order_total/ there are the files ot_coupon.php and ot_gv.php but don't appear in the admin modules order total page. I hope you understand my problem mine englisch isn't verry good. Thanks for the help in advance
  3. does any one have any ideas how I can get a netto discount price with this add-on or another one were I can distribute a code that my customers can use to get a discount how ever it needs to be netto I cant put a code in the newspaper saying the get a 20 euro discount ex tax people expect it to be incl. Hope any one can help me with this because it is a great add on for my shop. greetings, The butcher
  4. Hello, I have a question I don't know if it is asked already because I didnt browse all 160 pages with questions and answers. But is it possible to apply the discount AFTER tax so that when I offer a customer 5 $ discount he also gets 5$ and not 5$ minus the tax. Thanks, The Butcher