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  1. L.A.Willman

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Thank You, I will... not today though. Took me a few days to do that to get the width I have now, I'd need to mess around to get the right positioning. Thanks Jim :)
  2. L.A.Willman

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    I Love this AddOn, Only prob I have... after I installed it, I adjusted widths, now it looks goofy being left justified rather than being centered. Any ideas?
  3. L.A.Willman

    Change backround color

    What I did, may not work as easy for you, but sure helped me, was to list every hex color in the stylesheets...as such: fff - White FFFFFF - White 004C94 - Blue 9694DD - Lavendar F0A480 - Orange f1f9fe - Lt Blue 7b9ebd - Med Blue c76170 - Salmon ff0000 - Red D7E9F7 - Sky Blue E9F4FC - Powder Blue 8c8c8c - Slate Gray ffb3b5 - Pale Pink 99ff00 - Lime Green * Admin Includes * 616060 - Red 0000FF - Blue FFFF33 - Yellow B3BAC5 - Silver F0F1F1 - Lt Gray 999999 - Md Gray 727272 - Dk Gray C9C9C9 - Gray DEE4E8 - Smoke Gray f4f7fd - Pale Blue 00529B - Royal Blue BDE5F8 - Lt Sky Blue 4F8A10 - Green DFF2BF - Lt Green 9F6000 - Brown FEEFB3 - Lt Yellow D8000C - Red FFBABA - Lt Pink I used my editor to search & replace as needed. It worked very well for me, I now have my desired Hot Pink with the Black accents I wanted. You can use a good color grabber to make certain you are swapping off the correct shades. My last remaining big challenge is loading images up, I'll figure that one out today.
  4. L.A.Willman

    Adding Images

    I'm doing way better with osCommerce than I did with Zen... I'm happy now with my colors and my bars... almost all the graphics. My hold-out now is getting images to load. I hope I word this right... While in Categories / Products I'm trying to load an image, I go to edit below Category Image and browse and find what I'm looking for, click save... it goes blank, nothing displays. Where am I messing up? Same is true when I do sub categories. I've tried them as GIF/JPG/PNG formats, I get same results. I'm probably missing the obvious and will feel like a fool when I find what I'm doing wrong. ( I'm probably just doing it too many hours, and over tired, but still in a fog ) Any help will be appreciated. It's amazing how much simpler this is over Zen. I kept asking redundant & stupid things there, it was like you were asking the CIA a question, they would never give a straight answer... just kind of hinted around. Thank - You All :)