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  1. But Jack, your Header Tags SEO V 3.0 should be able to do it if I understand it correctly. Yes?
  2. Jack, thx. Which add-on (you suggest) I can use to edit meta tag descriptions.G
  3. Correction as I need to give you the correct info to expect an answer: Ultimate SEO URLS (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2823) is the add-on that is installed. My question is can one edit the meta tags descriptions for all the product pages with his add-on in OSC 2.3.3? If yes, please tell me how. If not, can one install the Modular SEO Header Tags together with the add-on above or is it a case of either/or? George
  4. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. George
  5. Hi All I recently had Ultimate SEO URL v2.2 (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2823) and Google XML Site installed on my website which runs OSC 2.3.3. Now that I needed to have my meta tags updated, a SEO developer had this to say after encountering problems and I quote: Hi George, Wanted to tell you that there is an issue with the SEO plugin for OSC 2.3.3, the Modular SEO Header Tags - http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7646. It doesn't have the meta description edit option for the category pages. It works for 2.3.2 version of OSC but not for the latest one. We looked to find a solution but nothing emerged. We did all sorts of tests on our own server, we installed different versios of OSC and it turned out to be this way, so the plugin isn't allowing us to modify the meta descriptions for the category pags (we managed to do it for homepage for instance, only the categories have this issue). So I don't know what we can do more for now. Do you have a webmaster, a developer? Maybe you can ask them to see if they can find a solution, we are not code specialists and even if we solved numerous dead-ends in the past, we don't have much to do now. Thank you My question is, can anybody please help me with a solution as to how we can edit the category pages meta descriptions. Much appreciated. George
  6. Thank you kindly Jack. Will go check out the thread.
  7. Hi Guys I have scrolled through numerous pages and read lots of questions but somehow cannot find an answer to my question. Currently the URL of a product catagory of mine is http://outdoorgeek.co.za/catalog/camping-tables-c-51.html but I would like the URL to only look like this http://outdoorgeek.co.za/catalog/camping-tables And to a specific product it is http://outdoorgeek.co.za/catalog/oztrail-classic-table-p-112.html?osCsid=72ljj9vsf7pocm1u2t6ac8vbp7 but I would like it to read http://outdoorgeek.co.za/catalog/oztrail-classic-table-p-112.html Could somebody please tell me how or which settings to change. Thanks George
  8. outdoorgeek

    CKEditor doesn't Save Changes

    Thanks for the overwhelming responses..... Problem was that there is/was a conflict between IE9 & 10 and the latest CKE version - I was able to do changes in Firefox and the changes were saved.
  9. Hi All I am running OSC 2.3.3 and have installed CKEditor for 2.3.zip. CKEditor shows in Admin where I can switch it on or off. It shows in Catagories when adding a new product and also shows when editing an existing product. But when I add new text in Product Description (or changed existing text) the changes are not saved when I clicked "Save". When I "Edit" the product none of the changes I made shows. Also, none of the icons in CKE are "active" - I cannot select a text line and make it bold, or change font size or colour, nothing. Could somebody please help as I need to edit my products urgently. Many thanks
  10. outdoorgeek

    Option to pick up from store (no shipping)?

    Not to worry, done.
  11. Hi Everyone. Previously I had an add-on installed that alows me to enter a shipping cost on the catagories/products/ page. It was just below the product price and also gave you the oppertunity to fill in the shipping cost for any additional items. The "OSC Specialist" who upgraded my site from 2.3.1 to 2.3.3 just made a mess of it all and this add-on is now missing. Does anyone have an idea which shipping modukle it could be and if it will be compatible with v2.3.3? Many thanks
  12. outdoorgeek

    Option to pick up from store (no shipping)?

    Hi, I'd like to change my store times as the ones shown in this module is incorrect. Not being an expert could you please tell me the file location and name that I need to edit. Thank you
  13. outdoorgeek

    Remove reCaptcha in 2.3

    Hi Nick I did, starting with create_account.php where I deleted all references to captcha. I tested it and all works fine. Then did the same with contact_us.php but upon testing it, the page does not move to next step to say that email has been sent - it "hangs" there. So I deleted recaptchalib.php and it still does the same, i.e hangs. Any ideas how to proceed? Anybody? Thanks
  14. outdoorgeek

    Remove reCaptcha in 2.3

    Hi All I had a developer install reCaptcha on my "Contact Us" and "Create Account" page but I have decided to remove/uninstall it. Can somebody please tell me how to uninstall/remove Captcha from these pages and in OSC. Installation was done via PhP. Thank you.
  15. outdoorgeek

    CKEditor 3.6.2 and OSC 2.3 Newsletters

    A developer linked the lot (CKEditor, CKFinder, Newsletter Manager and Sending Emails) and then I tested a newsletter with Newsletter Manager and OMG does it look crappy!! Now I am looking for a Newsletter add-on to send Specials and New Products emails to clients. Does anybody have an add-on suggestion? I had a look at this one but am not sure if it can be used in OSC 2.3 and if it is great.