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    FYI - - I've been running this module on a clients site, the site has a very sizable and aged database, some of the old info saved in the addresses was saved under different character encoding and has left the funcky black diamond icon (�) in place of certian characters. Clean up and character encoding work is enevitable, but for the mean time the checkout shipping page would crash if one of those characters existied in the address fields. The solution is posted in this thread some post back, but the use of utf8_encode will allow the characters to pass through the string seemlessly. Also, there is another spin off of this same module located at the CRE loaded site. It has been cleaned up a bit further, the utf8_encode is already in place and with 2 small changes it will work on osCommerce. The changes involve removing the can_install function in 2 places. Just comment them and the closing bracket out and thats it. It works very well. It does not however have dimensions support, though it could easily be added back in. I do not have time to port it back to osCommerce, but this information may be helpful to some.