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  1. Cascade

    OK Pay

    Is it possible for oscommerce to put OKPay in their modules box? I'm with OK Pay and can't seem to get my site to recognise the module, it keeps coming up with an error. It would make life a lot simpler for thickos (like me) if there was an OK Pay section like PayPal etc. Just a suggestion .....
  2. Cascade

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Hi Steve, thank you for your reply. You say the super Download Store is in the oscommerce add-on section. I have a pre-configured 2.3.1 on my site, but cannot find the 'add-on' tab to get the SDS - or doesn't it work like that? Maybe I could go to my ftp client and manually transfer the SDS Catalogue folder to replace the 2.3.1 cataogue? Or do they both work with each other? Thank you for your time, Steve
  3. Cascade

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    I have a site which will sell products by download only and this Super Download Store is just what I need so firstly, thank you. Secondly, I have to ask if this is a 'stand alone' program or is it's meant to work with another - like oscommerce? If so, do I have to replace files/folders? Also, I am with OK Pay, I have their payment module, where do I put it? I'm normally pretty good at this html stuff but this .php is a bit alien to me and I'm dead worried about making a serious mistake! Thank you for being here, Steve
  4. I will be having downloads only (no shipping/postage) and I have downloaded the Super Download Store. What I want to know is: does the SDStore go in the same folder/directory as the oscommerce 2.2.? I'm sure there will be more questions so thanks for looking and a double thanks of you can advise me!! Steve