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  1. Hi see this post here. You also made a post in this thread. The user is having the same problem as me. Where he can't find the code to change. http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/97743-previous-posting-regarding-price-000/page__view__findpost__p__1596346 Some people have said they have managed to get it working, I would like to know how? I'm using OSCv2.3.1 Thanks
  2. Hi I was tryin to install this one Easy Call for Price 2.3.1-ver1.1.1 I,m using OSC 2.3.1 It says its for 2.3.1 and that it should take 5 mins to install. I cant get it to work becuase I cant find some of the code i,m supposed to replace. Thanks
  3. How do yo do that? I set my price to 0 and the add to cart button is still there. Thanks
  4. Hi I am having trouble setting up easy call for price. It's not the easiest module to install. I can't find some of the lines of code to replace in my original files. Is it just me? Please help. I need a solution where I can show "Please call for price" on items where I don't want to display a normal price. Thanks
  5. Hi does anyone know of a decent WYSIWYG add on that I can use for spicing up my product descriptions? Thanks
  6. Thanks thats an idea. Back in the days I used to use Windiff for checking differences in the coding of pages. I need to find a program that can do something like that. Maybe Dreamweaver has the ability.
  7. Yes. I have emailed them back asking if the template comes with any documentation. I would like to know if the code was commented. So that I change know where to find the changes. Like if I want to chance cetrain text colours on the template. It would be nice to know where they made the changes so I don't have to go looking for everything. They do have a helpful tutorial page with videos though. Have a look. info.template-help.com/oscommerce-template.html
  8. I got a reply from TM.support what do you make of this. The template 32735 is OsCommerce 2.3 template which means it's PHP based template set up to work with osCommerce shopping cart. Actually our osCommerce Template is a combination of osCommerce 2.3 (ready made on-line shop) provided by osCommerce.com and the original osCommerce design from our site.
  9. Thanks Thanks Chris. I might go for the first template design, I need to start working on something asap. When I get a bit better with OSC I will start looking elsewhere to see what I can find. I only hope I,m not making a mistake by purchasing a TM design. They are not cheap, but i,m hoping it will make my site look better.
  10. Well known as in good? I would like to get in contact with some quality template makers but where would I find them on here? I,ve tried look at members sigs but not everyone advertises their wares. Do we have any well know template makers on this board? Thanks
  11. Hi I,m looking to purchase a template for my new computer store. I want something that is clean and easy to work with. So far I have found the following. 1. cms.template-help.com/osc_32735/index.php 2. livedemo00.template-help.com/osc_36629/ 3. www.templatemagician.co/osc/429/index.php 1 and 2 are listed as working with OSC 2.3. I don't know if number 3 works with OSC 2.3, but I have emailed them asking if it does. What do you think? What questions do I need to ask them before purchasing a template off them. Thanks
  12. midiman2525

    PC Pro Creator

    Hi I need help with step 5 of the install proicedure. The instructions say to replace this function function tep_get_category_tree($parent_id = '0', $spacing = '', $exclude = '', $category_tree_array = '', $include_itself = false) { global $languages_id; if (!is_array($category_tree_array)) $category_tree_array = array(); if ( (sizeof($category_tree_array) < 1) && ($exclude != '0') ) $category_tree_array[] = array('id' => '0', 'text' => TEXT_TOP); if ($include_itself) { $category_query = tep_db_query("select cd.categories_name from " . TABLE_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION . " cd where cd.language_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "' and cd.categories_id = '" . (int)$parent_id . "'"); $category = tep_db_fetch_array($category_query); $category_tree_array[] = array('id' => $parent_id, 'text' => $category['categories_name']); } $categories_query = tep_db_query("select c.categories_id, cd.categories_name, c.parent_id from " . TABLE_CATEGORIES . " c, " . TABLE_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION . " cd where c.categories_id = cd.categories_id and cd.language_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "' and c.parent_id = '" . (int)$parent_id . "' order by c.sort_order, cd.categories_name"); while ($categories = tep_db_fetch_array($categories_query)) { if ($exclude != $categories['categories_id']) $category_tree_array[] = array('id' => $categories['categories_id'], 'text' => $spacing . $categories['categories_name']); $category_tree_array = tep_get_category_tree($categories['categories_id'], $spacing . ' ', $exclude, $category_tree_array); } return $category_tree_array; } With this one function tep_get_subcategories(&$subcategories_array, $parent_id = 0) { $subcategories_query = tep_db_query("select categories_id from " . TABLE_CATEGORIES . " where parent_id = '" . (int)$parent_id . "'"); while ($subcategories = tep_db_fetch_array($subcategories_query)) { $subcategories_array[sizeof($subcategories_array)] = $subcategories['categories_id']; if ($subcategories['categories_id'] != $parent_id) { tep_get_subcategories($subcategories_array, $subcategories['categories_id']); } } } Is that correct because I don't want to mess anything up. Thanks