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  1. RL2000

    Oscommerce 3 and Wisiwig

    Ah, yes, I understand now... nothing to see here folks, move along :P
  2. RL2000

    Oscommerce 3 and Wisiwig

    Well, I think wordpress uses tineMCE and that inserts images just dandy :)
  3. RL2000

    Information Box Bloat

    Hehe, no problem :) I do believe it's a very concience decision to make a CSS tableless theme, but I also think that there's a theme that uses tables, so I think there's something in it for everyone. Also, I think a good deal of the internet cannot support visually challenged users, due to several reasons, being it lack of knowlegde og simply that the sites do not consider such people part of their userbase. But no matter if it's a list or break or a span, style should be defined in a class and not hardcoded.
  4. RL2000

    Information Box Bloat

    Well, I'm not gonna go into whether CSS should be important or not, but you're right that a class should be defined instead of the style being placed in the code, that's very unflexible. As for having a list, try putting "display:block;" on the links in the box, and you'll see why simply "<br>" won't cut it.
  5. RL2000

    Information Box Bloat

    First off, codewise is much easier on the eyses the way it is now, secondly, having it in a list makes life fun giving more options CSS wise. My question to you is: Why is this a problem?
  6. RL2000

    how to "hand install" MS3 Alpha 3

    In any case, an official dump or you're own is EXACTLY only divided by lazy reluctance. In any case it would just be a matter of looking what data is created by the install script and looking into what changes you have to make for each site, if any. My guess is that some changes are merely chioces, so if you choose som default ones to begin with like admin account etc. that should do it for you. No matter what, it's either very simple to do yourself or not possible, but as Harald did write they would provide a dump, then I can't really see what should keep you back from doing the same. Anyone who has this concern should probably take a look at what's being done instead of waiting for a dump from Harald.
  7. RL2000

    how to "hand install" MS3 Alpha 3

    Well, having to do that ONCE is not exactly hard work...
  8. Yes, I have done that for ALL my different shop versions, it's IMHO the best way of doing it. I usually have four or five statuses defined: recieved, pending, processing, shipped are the essential ones.
  9. RL2000

    how to "hand install" MS3 Alpha 3

    Well, then making a dump of a clean db your selves after an install would suffice, no?
  10. RL2000

    ERP Connection

    Doesn't it technically give you individual product numbers? I mean PRODUCT{ATTRIBUTE}? The big thing is to have quantity for each attribute. I've made this on one shop I did, there was a contrib for it that didn't take too long to put in. However, It would be cool if this was a standard option for osC_3, but exactly how it should be implemented is beyond me :)
  11. RL2000

    Currency Conversion Errors

    The cool thing would be to have this fixed in the new release, so everyone and their grandma that makes a new contrib for the new release would have it per standard
  12. RL2000

    Currency Conversion Errors

    Yeah, I have this problem too, both on ms3 AND in ms2. I never got around to solving it as the shop we used multiple currencies on switched to strictly Euro, but it a VERY big error, especially for u who import osC orders into other systems.
  13. RL2000

    Some considerations

    Also, ppl writing in the dev forum should really try the cvs version before coming with suggestions for the future, I mean, half of what I read is something that is fixed with the next release. Granted, there's no date for that, but hey, life isn't fair. And for all the ppl having trouble with certain aspects of the code: Contribute you own!
  14. RL2000


    Well, after waiting around for an answer instead of just looking, I've SVN'ed the it_IT folder with the us translations in them and will start making a da_DA folder. Anyway, I was wondering if there's any original pictures for buttons? It seems a waste to edit them if there's a psd file or something where one can just change the text on the buttons.
  15. I'm getting internal server error from the dev server? Also, I wanted to contribute to the translations(and anything else I can do) and Harald said to talk to him on IRC, but he hasn't been online since. So my question is, what's the right way to contribute? I really want to help out, I've benefitted so much from this project and as I see the need for developers is very high, I thought I'd pitch in :) Am I the only one with willing hands and nowhere to put them?