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  1. Hi to everybody, I am trying 4 days now to install totalb2b for oscommerce 2.3.1 with no luck. I am using a template with a modified code and i faced a lot of broblems. I have notice that there is no documentation for the installation. I know that i have to change or add code from //TotalB2B start to //TotalB2B end but this is not usufull because in some files (e.g. checkout_process.php, product_listing.php, bm_specials.php e.t.c) the code i must change or add is not marked with these tags (//TotalB2B start, //TotalB2B end) and also in file bm_whats_new.php you can find //TotalB2B start without //TotalB2B end in code. All these cause me a lot of problems to install this add-on. The administraion part is ok but the users front end doesn't work for me. I wonder if anybody can help me. Thanks in advance
  2. Hello to everybody I am lloking for an add on to charge shipping according to Zip Code and the Total Cost. The one which is very similar to that I need is but it works only with weight and not the total price. I think it's not difficult to modify it but I am not so familiar with php. If anybody can do it or knows of any other add on it would be nice. Thanks in advance