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  1. JohnPark

    SagePay Server Integration - RESOLVED

    i dont know about any incompatilities tbh ... i just know what i had to change to get it working and thought it may help some one else. i set up some logging so i could see the responses and had some great help from sage support so i may have just been lucky but i have not experianced any server incompatilities and i am running a vsp which i had to set up myself! What problem did you have with it?
  2. JohnPark

    SagePay Server Integration - RESOLVED

    thanks to everyone who posted here and some other threads too as it helped me get this working at last. as we where not using SSL during testing it kept failing as it was not picking up the session during the notification event i had a look at the application_top file and found that if your not using ssl it will only pick the session up from a $_post['osCid'] variable. // set the session ID if it exists if (isset($_POST[tep_session_name()])) { tep_session_id($_POST[tep_session_name()]); } elseif ( ($request_type == 'SSL') && isset($_GET[tep_session_name()]) ) { tep_session_id($_GET[tep_session_name()]); } i change the code which i found in this thread to the following to get it working. :-) if (isset($_GET['amp;key']) && $_GET['amp;key'] !=''){$_GET['key'] = $_GET['amp;key'];} if (isset($_GET['amp;VPSTxId']) && $_GET['amp;VPSTxId'] !=''){$_GET['VPSTxId'] = $_GET['amp;VPSTxId'];} if (isset($_GET['amp;osCsid']) && $_GET['amp;osCsid'] !=''){$_GET['osCsid'] = $_GET['amp;osCsid']; $_POST['osCsid']=$_GET['osCsid']; } i thought i would post it in case it helped anyone too thanks again for everyone who posted previously coz they helped loads John