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  1. Emergency help needed Trouble with a PHP Upgrade

  2. MattCardly

    Coupon Code Button Issues

    Please see the code below that is installed on the checkout_payments page. // Start - CREDIT CLASS Gift Voucher Contribution if (MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_INSTALLED) $temp=$order_total_modules->process(); $temp=$temp[count($temp)-1]; $temp=$temp['value']; $gv_query = tep_db_query("select amount from " . TABLE_COUPON_GV_CUSTOMER . " where customer_id = '" . $customer_id . "'"); $gv_result = tep_db_fetch_array($gv_query); if ($gv_result['amount']>=$temp){ $coversAll=true; ?> function clearRadeos(){ document.checkout_payment.cot_gv.checked=!document.checkout_payment.cot_gv.checked; for (counter = 0; counter < document.checkout_payment.payment.length; counter++) { // If a radio button has been selected it will return true // (If not it will return false) if (document.checkout_payment.cot_gv.checked){ document.checkout_payment.payment[counter].checked = false; document.checkout_payment.payment[counter].disabled=true; } else { document.checkout_payment.payment[counter].disabled=false; } } } <?php } else { $coversAll=false;?> function clearRadeos(){ document.checkout_payment.cot_gv.checked=!document.checkout_payment.cot_gv.checked; }<?php } ?> //--></script> <?php // echo $payment_modules->javascript_validation(); ?> <?php echo $payment_modules->javascript_validation($coversAll); ?> <?php // End - CREDIT CLASS Gift Voucher Contribution ?>
  3. Hi, I have the coupon code add-on on my website www.cardly.co.uk, however, when the customer clicks the coupon button to add the discount, nothing happens and therefore no discount is given on the order. Has anyone come across this before and if so, is there a quick fix. I'm sure there are some frustrated customers wanting to use coupon codes that I have sent out to them. Please help asap. I look forward to hearing any contributions. Many thanks Matt