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  1. Jetta UPDATE** it was the webhost blocking out going connections for free hosting , so i went paid and kabang, it works!!! thanks
  2. jetta, Heres the code in the USPS mod concerning emailing the server response. $body = ''; $http = new httpClient(); if ($http->Connect('production.shippingapis.com', 80)) { $http->addHeader('Host', 'production.shippingapis.com'); $http->addHeader('User-Agent', 'osCommerce'); $http->addHeader('Connection', 'Close'); if ($http->Get('/shippingapi.dll?' . $request)) $body = preg_replace(array('/\<sup\>\&reg;\<\/sup\>/', '/\<sup\>\&trade;\<\/sup\>/', '/\" /', '/\",/', '/\"<br>/', '/<br>/'), array('RM', 'TM', '",', '" ', '"<br>', 'BREAK'), htmlspecialchars_decode($http->getBody())); mail(STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS, STORE_OWNER, $body); $http->Disconnect(); return json_decode(json_encode(simplexml_load_string($body)),TRUE); } else return false; } That should have sent the response from the server if it was connecting correctly in my opinion. Is there another mod i should have installed before installing USPS Rate V4 Intl Rate V2 - v.1.7_1 ? What would you suggest from here?
  3. Jetta, I uncommented the line 294 in the USPS module and got an empty email with no sender and no body information.....completey empty! what the does that mean? Its as though it never connected to the USPS api service.
  4. Jetta or anyone that can help I have osc 2.3.1 installed and i wanted to ship by USPS so i thought I would give your contribution of USPS Rate V4 Intl Rate V2 - v.1.7_1 a try. I have installed it 5 times and still have not got it working. it goes from checkout to delivery information screen then displays the message (This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order) with no options or information about the option that is selected and will not continue from that point no matter how many times you hit continue. Ive set my time zone with the (ini_set('date.timezone', 'America/YOURNEARESTCITY');) option and the( date_default_timezone_set('America/YOURNEARESTCITY');) option both so i have to assume that is correct. I have not installed any other USPS contributions before trying this one, and I used the drag and drop files after checking for comparision mismatches of which there were none , which allowed me to drag and drop the code. I dont have the Dynamic template system installed so that is not the issue either. As far as im concerned it should run just fine ,its got me at odds end getting it running. I got the user id and the server is in production mode, and i recieved the return email stating its available. The only thing im not sure of is the Jquery stuff. I dont see any radio buttons or which option for shipping is available. It just sits there starring at me. HELP!
  5. terryduncilsr

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    I hate to bother but i have a small request, is there a way to add a sound when someone logs onto the oscommerce store? and how would a person go about that? in whos online version 3.5.4 by steve dallas. I am running oscommerse 2.3.1