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  1. kpm121

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Hi Anja, I think I am having a similar problem with CUSTOMER-INPUT being displayed. Could you post what the bug was in order.php? Thanks. Kris
  2. kpm121

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    I am having a problem with Option Types V2. I have created a product which contains both drop down selection boxes and text boxes. When I enter text in the box, the text appears in my shopping cart. Then when I login, when I get to the order confirmation screen, the drop down selections are OK but the text I entered is gone and it says CUSTOMER-INPUT. After I'm logged in, if I order a product going from shopping cart to order confirmation works fine. What would cause the text I entered to disappear going from shopping cart, logging in, and going to confirmation? Thanks for your help.
  3. kpm121

    Manual Shipping amount

    I have been looking for the same type of thing. I want to provide customers with a list of shipping options but I don't want to display pricing. I simply want to state that shipping will be calculated at order completion. In most cases, I do not want to send the shipping quote to the customer only if a customer requests the shipping amount which is not usually the case. But I would like the customer to be able to specify which shipping method they would prefer. I also tried to work with the USPS module but had no luck. I was able to install something like 10 flat rate modules and made a few changes in each but its still not really what I'm looking for. It looks awkward on the screen. It seems really simple too just to have some selectable options. But OSCommerce does not seen to cooperate. It does suck... :D Any suggestions? Kris
  4. I am having the same problem. It looks like everything is working fine but when I check the catalog only the product on the first line is loaded. I am also using PHP 5. I have been able to overcome other compatibility problems but I'm stumped on this one. Does anyone know why Easy Populate doesn't work with PHP 5 or can suggest any fixes? Any other upload contributions that work similiar to Easy Populate that may work? Any help is much appreciated. I have many products to load. Thank You.