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    WP Callback Problem - Intermittent

    Hi guys We are using WorldPay's Select Junior product. Starting on 11 Oct 2011 we have been having an intermittent problem with our WorldPay call back procedure. Basically the transaction and payment is successful but the order is not always fulfilled, as it fails at the orders SQL insert statement. There is nothing wrong with the insert statement, (it has been working for years and hasn't changed and is a simple SQL insert statement that seems to be passing all the correct information). It fails for about 50% of the orders, there is no pattern that we can see as to what works and what fails, but when it fails for a customer it fails every time they try it (which would be good as a get rich quick scheme if only we didn't have to give it back). When we reported the problem to WorldPay they traced the problem to the SQL insert statement so they passed the problem back to us. Every time we try a test transaction it works 100% of the time. Every time we try and reproduce the customers environment it works as a test transaction. We have tried to look for a pattern with respect to types of order, return customers, new customers, browsers, operating systems, server response rate but there is nothing that is consistent other than the call back regularly fails. We have considered a number of possibilities but all have been proved wrong to date, it is almost as though the SQL statement is being actions, but not always before control has been fully returned to our server. Is anyone else suffering a similar problem, that started around 11 Oct 2011? Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to trace and identify the problem. Our suspicion is that this is a WorldPay problem, but it would help us rule out our side if other people are have similar problems. Cheers Martin