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  1. Thanks for your reply Roaddoctor, Since I saw Gyakutsuki show the rate result with all estimated delivery date as below, I thought the estimated delivery date is Inevitable. FedEx (Total items: 1 pcs. Total weight: 2.20 kgs.) [ Fedex Express Saver (Estimated Delivery Date: Tuesday, April 29th 2014)-------- 0.00CAD -------- First Overnight (Estimated Delivery Date: Tuesday, April 29th 2014) -------- 0.00CAD -------- Fedex 2 Day (Estimated Delivery Date: Tuesday, April 29th 2014) -------- 0.00CAD -------- Priority Overnight (Estimated Delivery Date: Tuesday, April 29th 2014) -------- 0.00CAD -------- Fedex Ground (1 day) -------- 16.31CAD And also, my store address in is HK, the rate result only display International Economy and International Priority, Is that normal?! And I never get any rate from Ground even I set the destination to nearby area like Macau or any other fedex method even all they all set to Enable them. I already upload to my site, please visit and please have a look. Veego
  2. Hi Everyone, Just installed this module and come up the error as below. FedEx Please enter a ZIP Code to obtain your shipping quote. Or possibly: If no rate is shown, the heavy weight of the item(s) in your Shopping Cart suggests a Request for Freight Quote, rather than FedEx Ground service, is recommended. Just give everyone an idea how I get it fixed. 1) Admin page -> Configuration -> Shipping / Packaging -> Make sure the Postal code has filled in the exact info you previous filled in fedex. 2) Admin page -> Modules -> Shipping -> Fedex -> Fedex web services password -> this has to be correct, this is not the account logon password, it should provided by fedex right after you received the meter number. 3) Admin page -> Modules -> Shipping -> Fedex -> Postal code -> has to be the same to the Postal code from configuration setting AND the Postal code you filled in to fedex. 4) Modify the fedex file as Roaddoctor mention. From... if($ShipmentRateDetail->ShipmentRateDetail->RateType=='PAYOR_LIST_PACKAGE') // if($ShipmentRateDetail->ShipmentRateDetail->RateType==('PAYOR_LIST_PACKAGE' || 'PAYOR_LIST_SHIPMENT')) // try this if having international quoting errors to... // if($ShipmentRateDetail->ShipmentRateDetail->RateType=='PAYOR_LIST_PACKAGE') if($ShipmentRateDetail->ShipmentRateDetail->RateType==('PAYOR_LIST_PACKAGE' || 'PAYOR_LIST_SHIPMENT')) // try this if having international quoting errors That all I did and finally the fedex rate returned to my site. I hope above info help anyone interest this module. And I have one question, my returned fedex rate does not diplay any estimated arrival time beside the shipping method. Is there anyway to made it display?! Thanks. Veego
  3. Hi All, I make work it now!! Just a bad installation on includes/classes/shopping_cart.php Need more testing!! veego
  4. Hi Everyone, My online store is a heavy modified osc 2.3.1 upgraded and I would like to add an auction module to my store. No luck that there are no one putting any auction addon for osc 2.3x. So I try to covert AuctionTastic_1.0_RC_R125 from for my store. My store was host in my office under VMware -> Xampp. Because of that, I can run a live store on one vmware and modify a test store on another vmware. Good news is that most of the function is working under osc, I can create a new auction product from admin page, customer can see a auction list and pick any interest product to bid, place bid OK, updated end time winner OK, email confirmed outbid or winner bid OK, winner bid add to cart OK, but the product attribute of this winner auction product is not correct. base on original concept, winner bid add to cart should change the "remove" selection to "WON", so that winner can't not remove won item, and change "amount" to "AUCTION ITEM" and change "UNIT PRICE" to "auctions win price". But none of that happen. Since shopping_cart.php is quite different from osc 2.2 and 2.3, and may be my conversion from osc 2.2 to 2.3 is not good enough so that it won't work. So I directly place the author attached shopping_cart.php into my osc 2.3 site and remove any require file such as header.php, left/right_column.php and footer.php. shopping_cart.php from osc 2.2 running on osc 2.3 running without error, But the won auction product attribute add to cart still not correct. I believed that the if condition under shopping_cart.php can't get through; if( isset($cart->contents[ $products[$i]['id']]['auction_id']) && $cart->contents[ $products[$i]['id']]['auction_id'] > '0' ) Below is original modify info And below is my version for osc 2.3 None of both work on my store. Please any advised... veego
  5. Hi All, I got a solution for my problem, simply go to phpmyadmin -> administrator_group_access, locate column administrator_group_access_file with value "coupons.php" and copy the whole row, and change the value of administrator_group_access_file in a copied row to "coupons_exclusions.php". Then the Easy Admin Group system will allow us to access that /admin/coupons_exclusions.php from /admin/coupons.php This is a manual solution, I hope a new version will consider adding a sub-link premission. veego
  6. Hi codoffer, It's been a while to come back to this thread and report some news, I still using your module and it great. I recover some problem recently. I have a Addon called Discount Coupon Code which allow me to assign a discount coupon AND its exclusions. The discount coupon page is in /admin/coupon.php and I have to assign permission to access on your Easy Admin Group in order to browser it. The main question is discount coupon page has a exclusion button which will redirect to another page call /admin/coupon_exclusions.php, and I can't not access with it. I m sure this is block by Easy Admin Group. I m not sure if this is only me. 1) Discount coupon code addon was add before Easy Admin Group and it works on coupon_exclusion.php without problem. 2) After Easy Admin Group addon being added. Set allow permission to Discount coupon code, OK to browser and create new coupon. 3) Unable to access discount coupon addon's addition link within that addon. Should be block without access premission. Please advise. veego
  7. Hi All, No one interesting on Auction?! I solved the auto updated bids status. Still can't fix the checkout problem! Is there any genius who can give me a help!? veego
  8. Hi Jack, Thanks for this addon, It look good after installed, except that the page won't refresh automatically, once the counter to 0, it keep counting negatively and even i click the F5 to refresh manually, all IP# keep stay on the list even the client's IP# already gone. ( check from original who's online). Is that nornaml? Any advised?
  9. Hi all, The Fatal error has been fix. I test the addon, create auction OK Manager auction OK. Bid OK. Time out and auction fail to updated it status to a winner. unable to check the checkout. Anyone know how the auction system updated the status to a bid winner after auction timeout, so that the winner can checkout the product by the winner bid price. veego
  10. Hi Dave, I just add this addon, and get the same Fatal error: Class 'splitPageResultsAuctions' not found in....../auctions.php on line 48. How did you solve the problem. I also has the question about why is the product_info.php not shows the auction stuff. Thanks
  11. The warning will shown up in condition, which is when I set the Max products = ALL. Veego
  12. Hi John, I was getting a warning when i browse to a categories page which shows a list of categories contain subcategories. But this warning won't show up on the TOP page. WARNING: Division by zero in C:\xampp\htdocs\admin\ext\tbl\classes\pagination.php on line 73 WARNING: Division by zero in C:\xampp\htdocs\admin\ext\tbl\classes\pagination.php on line 73 Alway come with double warning. Thanks. Veego
  13. Hi John, That is a great Addon. But I have to following problem base on catalog/admin/includes/boxes/catalog.php. Pls advise. array( 'code' => FILENAME_TABLEDATA, 'title' => TBL_LINK_TITLE, 'link' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_TABLEDATA) }, When I finished installed, the Admin page show the link title as 'TBL_LINK_TITLE' seems it was undefine, and original file was define the 'TBL_LINK_TITLE' on catalog/admin/includes/languages/english/tbl.php. But when I add a new link to catalog/admin/includes/languages/english.php. This Title 'Alternative Administration System' in Admin page will reappear. Also the FILENAME_TABLEDATA also undefine, the original being define in filename.php were define('FILENAME_TBL', 'tbl.php'); define(FILENAME_TBL_AJAX','tbl_ajax.php'); define(FILENAME_TBL_ACTIONS','tbl_actions.php'); but there is no FILENAME_TABEDATA, I guess the link in Alternative Administration System should access the tbl.php. so i change to the following. array( 'code' => FILENAME_TBL, 'title' => TBL_LINK_TITLE, 'link' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_TBL) }, And the 'Alternative Administration System' in Admin panel will redirect to the page you show us on youtube. Please correct me If I'm wrong. Veego
  14. Hi Everyone, I finally make this add on work. And I would like to share with everyone who need help. But first of all Thank you author to make such nice addon and looking forword for enhancement. 1) Original Addon does contain an redirect-loop error and need the new bug fix modification. 2) There are step to make this addon work. Administrator group have to created before any new create user (who need to assign from Administrator group). That means existing user seem can't assign or change to an Administrator group. I try few case that I can't assign a new Administrator group to my first user name. 3) Create a new Administrator group and assign its group access before creating a new user. Created a new user with password and then assign this user an exist Administrator group in the insert user process (Don't try to assign the Administrator group later because it wont work).
  15. HI Everyone, I was report this addon has login error before, and I was wrong. I reinstalled addon just fine without error, and the test result as below. Original addon installed. 1) Create new group OK. 2) Create new user OK. 3) Assign user to group seem OK. 4) Login with new created user OK. 5) Administrator group access not OK. Has anyone got the group access work?! Coz I didn't make the blocking access work. :thumbsup: