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  1. aacostacr

    [Addon] Generic Box

    Thanks Jim, there is probably a little more tweaking involved, what would be the easiest way to add a custom pop up window inside the generic box? Thanks!
  2. aacostacr

    [Addon] Generic Box

    Thanks Jim, it sure got rid of the error message, and it properly displays the info but won't open the new window but rather tries to open on the same window. When I use this javascript I have to call it on the head of the html document, otherwise it will not work, so I believe this applies here as well. Should it be call on the php document? For example, this is the javascript code I use: <script language="JavaScript1.2"> function OpenBrWindow(theURL,winName,features, myWidth, myHeight, isCenter) { //v3.0 if(window.screen)if(isCenter)if(isCenter=="true"){ var myLeft = (screen.width-myWidth)/2; var myTop = (screen.height-myHeight)/2; features+=(features!='')?',':''; features+=',left='+myLeft+',top='+myTop; } window.open(theURL,winName,features+((features!='')?',':'')+'width='+myWidth+',height='+myHeight); } </script> But that have to be placed on the head of the html document, where to declare? Thanks in advance and happy holidays from Costa Rica :D
  3. aacostacr

    [Addon] Generic Box

    I fixed it, I had placed the file somewhere else which helped me to install another module I had the same issue with. Now I am struggling with adding the following: <a onclick="OpenBrWindow('msnlive.html','msnlive','scrollbars=0','400','400','true')" href="javascript:;"> I am looking to link my msn to provide live support, but I do get an error obviously because I am assuming it takes a little more than just adding that code, maybe modifying the module files?
  4. aacostacr

    [Addon] Generic Box

    Hi, it has potential to be able to place any info/script on a custom box. I followed the steps, clicked on install and it looked like it did, but the box doesn't display under admin/boxes, anyone experiencing this issue? Thanks in advance!
  5. Pretty cool so far but in my site the tabs appear all the way at the bottom left. I noticed that the TabMenuSection.php has the .css path pointing at TabMenuSectionStyles.css so I did not modify the stylesheet.css located under catalog/ but this makes the tabs weird and creates a blank square at the top. Next step I added the styles from TabMenuSectionStyles.css to stylesheet.css and it makes the tabs look the way they are supposed to work but this way is when I get them all the way at the bottom left. Obviously is something with the css files but I tried everything I could think of. Has anybody experienced this? Thanks!