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  1. Hi Can anyone point me in the right direction for a module that will allow us to export OSC orders and import directly into the Parcel Force label system, whether it be a free or paid add-on? thanks Neil
  2. We've been using Mini Template system for our shop for some months now, and got to say that its a fantastic product. We'd had several quotes in for turning the vanilla OSC install (we were on Get trolleyed cart before we went to OSC) into a decent looking shop and all were beyond our budget without the real results we wanted, so after reading the reviews of MTS we purchased it and installed it in around half hour. With the help of our Dynamik Creative, its turned our default OSC store into this, which we're really happy with. Work is still ongoing but its looking good. monstermotorsport.com Its very easy to use, with no coding experience really needed and the product support is excellent - we've emailed George countless times now with questions and he's always replied same day to answer them. Cant recommend MTS enough :) Neil