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  1. oxwivi

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    While adding text to PHP files, I found apostrophes (') needs to be written with backslash (\') so as to not interfere with PHP's syntax. However, that is not likely to help you as the customer's input should be modified. There are other input fields in default osCommerce that does not face such problems (product description field in admin, for example), so I think the addon's implementation is wrong. I do not understand PHP beyond following instructions to edit and install addons, so I cannot help.
  2. oxwivi

    Paypal Express checkout doesnt working

    Hi, My osCommerce site registered a successful transaction a few days ago, but today I received 9 debug emails from the server with the same messages mentioned by others. How exactly are we supposed to debug using these lacking messages? Has anyone figured out what it means and why they are sent?
  3. oxwivi

    Quantity Price Breaks

    @@knifeman Can you please update the package on addons.oscommerce.com if you do manage to sort everything out? I can't make head or tails out of everything in it.
  4. Getting EP to run on 2.3.1 is extremely easy. There's no need to modify existing files at all except to add a link to the EP page. As long as you don't change the database structure that EP accesses by default, everything should be working perfectly.
  5. oxwivi

    Enhanced Contact Us for 2.3.1

    Update, regular contact_us.php is not working either. Better make a new thread about it.
  6. oxwivi

    Enhanced Contact Us for 2.3.1

    Hello, I've installed this addon for a while already, but I completely skipped testing. Recently, I realized (thanks to a registered user replying to welcome email) that it's not working. I used it myself, and did not recieve any email despite the success page.
  7. oxwivi

    [Addon} Modular SEO Header Tags

    All right, thanks for all the help.
  8. oxwivi

    [Addon} Modular SEO Header Tags

    For additional pages (mostly for the Information box), it will be yet another place where the title must be entered--there's already two different places where you must make sure to mention the page title when manually adding pages. Which module lets me set the title for pages I created anyway?
  9. oxwivi

    [Addon} Modular SEO Header Tags

    Hello, I've installed the latest Modular SEO HT, and I have the following modules activated: All Pages - Store Name in Title Category Meta Keywords - Insert Category Title - Category Name Product Title - Product Name After installing the addon, none of the pages displayed any title so I enabled the All Pages - Store Name in Title module. The problem is, this is what the title shows now (assuming the store name is "Name of Store"): It only shows at the front page. Other pages displays the store name (or whatever they're supposed to show because of other modules) without any issues. By the way, is there any module that will display the HEADING_TITLE as the title header tag?
  10. oxwivi

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Hi, I'm looking for something that allows customers to select multiple options and quantity for each options. Does this contribution allow that?
  11. oxwivi

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Hi, I use Easy Populate to add products since I've lots of them (672 and counting). Can I ask you to help QPB integrated into EP? A few suggestions, if you don't mind: since QPB integrates a quantity box, you could mention what the minimum order quantity is (if it has been set) there as well. And move the add to cart button and quantity box to the left under the available options (I think it would make more sense that way). Use jQuery for the table so it could easily integrate if the jQuery UI themes are changed Display the single quantity's (or the minimum quantity) price as it is done on default osC (big font and everything) within the table, with the rest of the price/quantity differences described below. By the way, where is the box to define the price for the first quantity block? Neither adding or editing prodcuts shows that box: products existing before installing the addon retains the original price and creating new products only lists the price as 0.
  12. Yes! It worked this time! Thank you very much!
  13. It did not work. A little amendment on when the category shows itself - going to any product will show all categories, not just the product with hidden category.
  14. Hi, Recently I added a sixth subcategory, but it sin't showing on Categories Accordion. Only if I directly go to a product in the missing category (by searching or however), it shows. Other than that the default category box shows the subcategory without any issue as well. Please help.
  15. Hi, I'm really interested in your addon. I'm sorry I could not have tested the first release due to resource-constraints, but can you confirm if the new release is beta or not?