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    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    I'm getting an error 500 when I click on the IPN Test Panel [Continue] button, after successfully viewing the IPN Test Results page. I can't even begin to debug this! Been rather overwhelmed with php and mySQL nonsense lately... anyone else experiencing this problem? Where to start looking?
  2. mychol


    How to avoid bundling a bundle? I'm getting bundles that include bundles, with compounded discounts. Is there somewhere in the BUY_TWO_MODULE that turns off the bundle feature when viewing a bundle? This is serious... I want to offer 10% off a bundle, but when they bundle a bundle, they get 18% off the combination... not good.
  3. mychol

    InternetSecure - problem US/CAN $

    Most excellent! I've been hoping IS would get involved in completing this contribution, and there they are! Bravo, InternetSecure! Can there be a notice posted in this thread to trigger an update message, when the completed contribution is available? I'm monitoring this thread for new posts. Just a thought. :wub:
  4. mychol

    InternetSecure gateway help

    I've posted a similar question in another string. InternetSecure does support "export scripts" that might pass this data back to OSC. I'm not sure how OSC receives that data, however... Anyone?
  5. Although I'm no PHP developer, by ANY stretch of the imagination, I've been looking at the InternetSecure gateway contribution, and the "issues" other users have identified with information being passed back to OSC from IS transactions, since I have a client who is committed to working iwth InternetSecure as their payment processing gateway. IS does offer Export Scripts and CGI, described (VERY briefly) at http://www.internetsecure.com/techlib_data.html This tastes like a pointer to a solution to the problems others have identified. Does anyone know if i-netmedia is still working on developing the IS contribution?