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  1. Thank you very much for your contribution. It has helped immensely. I have a question that I hope you can answer. My client sells products to the US and now to Canada. He will charge Americans in USD and Canadians in CAD. While the currency is changed to where they are when they initially hit the site, they can change it and then attempt to checkout. For example, a Canadian could come to the site, see everything in CAD, but then change the currency to USD and proceed to checkout in USD. We want them their total in CAD so we can charge them in CAD. What would be the best way to force users to checkout under their country's currency? I'm fine with them browsing products under different currencies (even after they've logged in) but once they hit checkout_shipping, they need to be under their proper currency so that when it's listed in the admin, my client can charge the amount to them in their funds. Since we know their country (they've logged in), can we check the new code column your contribution added and change the currency? That is, if they're Canadian, can we change the currency value to CAD so they proceed with checkout in CAD? Where would be the best spot to do this? Or, should users be prevented from changing the currency at all? This could still pose problems if the IP check is incorrect though. I think forcing the currency back is the way to go. I guess the simple question is: How do I ensure customers checkout in their country's currency?