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  1. Dear anybody,

    I installed this last night as it was better than my original system but I have two issues.


    1. In the Verify Customers panel in Admin when I press 'Update' I constantly get the error " The values entered as the account verification date must be seperated by a dash "-"" This is annoying because there is nowhere for me to change the date in the Admin section. I have the 'Account verification start date (yyyy-MM-dd)' in the Settings panel and I assume that there is supposed to be a box to type the date in but not on mine.



    As a consequence of this error the script will not update the database. Is this just me? The files in the admin folder where new files, so I didn't have to merge anything, just a straight copy over. The only file I had to mess around with was create_account.php in the root because I already had other things in it.


    I have another issue with the e-mail not sending correctly, but I'm assuming it's me and the bad job of merging the file I did.


    Any thoughts at all would be welcome.






    Hi There


    I'm having the exact same problem. I'm not receiving the activation email either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.