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  1. basilfawlty

    Faster Page Loads

    Has anyone installed the Faster Page Loads, Less DB queries contribution and gotten it to work? Basically, this contribution reduces the amount of work the server does before sending the HTML page to the browser by writing a php file to a specified folder which contains the relevant config data. Therefore making pages load much quicker for customers. I've followed the instructions as best as I can. After the first step (altering catalog/admin/configuration.php), you are required to edit an item in the store admin area which then creates the file automatically. This doesn't seem to work for some reason. The file is not created. The instructions say that the directory the php file is stored in should have write permissions. I've tried practically every combination of chmod to get this thing to work. Theoretically installing this contribution should take no more than 5 mins as you only need to change 3 files and make one directory. If only it worked! Has anyone gotten it to work, cos this contribution is driving me crazy. Thanks in advance.