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  1. Hi, I am looking for some clarification/help. I have a client who has many products and product variations. At the moment we are using attributes, but this is a little clunky and long winded for the client, and so I am now looking at 'Master and Slave as a solution. But I am struggling to find sites using this contribution so see working my questions are: Can the slave products be a drop down box? Is the slave pricing $+x to the Master product, or can they be actual prices? Can 'Master/Slave' work with Attributes, for example attributes would still be used for variations that has no effect on price. like color. Apart from 'Delivery', 'installation' which would be $+x added to the Master price or the Slave variation price. Sorry for the number of questions, these are the ones I am still struggling to find answers to in the 120 pages of this help forum. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Many thanks for that, so a straight forward install then :)
  3. Hi I am thinking of using this product, but when I read the instructions it mentions This is based on the Excel Upload 1.51 from dynamok. Does this mean the Excel Upload needs to be installed first? many thanks in advance