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  1. I have this same problem. I've searched all over to no avail. When adding a new user, I get the header loading, the left column, but then in main area I have: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '-60, 60' at line 1 select * from admin order by admin_firstname limit -60, 60 Then when I click back, I see the new user has been added to the appropriate group, etc. Seems like when adding a new user, there's a mySQL syntax error being created. The php in admin_members.php: $db_admin_query_raw = "select * from " . TABLE_ADMIN . " order by admin_firstname"; and have also tried: // $db_admin_query_raw = "select * from " . TABLE_ADMIN . " order by ".((isset($_GET['sort_by'])) ? $_GET['sort_by'] : 'admin_firstname '); This only happens when adding a new admin user. When editing there's no problem. Help please?
  2. find: select admin_files_id from admin_files where FIND_IN_SET( '1', admin_groups_id) or FIND_IN_SET( '1', admin_id) and admin_files_is_boxes = '1' and admin_files_name = 'administrator.php' change to: select admin_files_id from admin_files where FIND_IN_SET( " . $login_groups_id . ", " . $login_id . ") or FIND_IN_SET( '1', admin_id) and admin_files_is_boxes = '1' and admin_files_name = 'administrator.php' or select admin_files_id from admin_files where FIND_IN_SET( $login_groups_id, $login_id) or FIND_IN_SET( '1', admin_id) and admin_files_is_boxes = '1' and admin_files_name = 'administrator.php'
  3. vyoufinder

    [Contribution] TinyMCE Anywhere

    I downloade dthe new 3.0 version of Tinymce and I've got it installed and it works perfectly with the exception of one minor issue: I can't use the right click to cut, copy, or paste in Firefox. I can use ctrl+c, ctrl+x and ctrl+v but I need to be able to use the right-click. I've also seen other sites (not oscommerce) using TinymceEditor and I can use my right click on those sites for cutting or pasting, so I know it's possible. Anyone?
  4. After updating to be able to use mySQL5 and php5, I get the following error when I try to restore my database through the osC control panel. I will get the same error if I take the backup .sql file from /admin/backup/ and try to import through phpMyAdmin. So I am pretty sure it's exporting incorrectly, rather than it being an import problem. I don't know what is wrong. I searched all my files for "qbi_config_added" and find nothing, anywhere. Any help out there? 1067 - Invalid default value for 'qbi_config_added' create table qbi_config ( qbi_config_id smallint(5) unsigned not null auto_increment, qbi_config_ver decimal(6,2) unsigned default '0.00' not null , qbi_qb_ver smallint(5) unsigned default '2003' not null , qbi_dl_iif tinyint(2) unsigned default '1' not null , qbi_prod_rows smallint(5) unsigned default '5' not null , qbi_log tinyint(2) unsigned default '0' not null , qbi_status_update tinyint(2) unsigned default '0' not null , qbi_cc_status_select tinyint(3) unsigned default '1' not null , qbi_mo_status_select tinyint(3) unsigned default '1' not null , qbi_email_send tinyint(2) unsigned default '0' not null , qbi_cc_clear tinyint(2) unsigned default '0' not null , orders_status_import int(11) default '1' not null , orders_docnum varchar(36) default '%I' not null , orders_ponum varchar(36) default '%I' not null , cust_nameb varchar(41) default '�0W-%I' not null , cust_namer varchar(41) default '%L10W-%I' not null , cust_limit int(10) unsigned default '0' not null , cust_type varchar(48) not null , cust_state tinyint(2) unsigned default '1' not null , cust_country tinyint(2) unsigned default '0' not null , cust_compcon tinyint(2) unsigned default '1' not null , cust_phone tinyint(2) unsigned default '0' not null , invoice_acct varchar(30) default 'Accounts Receivable' not null , invoice_salesacct varchar(30) default 'Undeposited Funds' not null , invoice_toprint tinyint(2) unsigned default '1' not null , invoice_pmt tinyint(2) unsigned default '0' not null , invoice_termscc varchar(30) not null , invoice_terms varchar(30) not null , invoice_rep varchar(41) not null , invoice_fob varchar(13) not null , invoice_comments tinyint(2) unsigned default '1' not null , invoice_message varchar(128) not null , invoice_memo varchar(128) not null , item_acct varchar(30) not null , item_asset_acct varchar(30) default 'Inventory Asset' not null , item_class varchar(30) not null , item_cog_acct varchar(30) default 'Cost of Goods Sold' not null , item_osc_lang tinyint(2) unsigned default '0' not null , item_match_inv tinyint(2) unsigned default '1' not null , item_match_noninv tinyint(2) unsigned default '0' not null , item_match_serv tinyint(2) unsigned default '0' not null , item_default tinyint(2) unsigned default '0' not null , item_default_name varchar(40) not null , item_import_type tinyint(2) unsigned default '0' not null , item_active tinyint(2) unsigned default '0' not null , ship_acct varchar(30) not null , ship_name varchar(30) not null , ship_desc varchar(36) not null , ship_class varchar(30) not null , ship_tax tinyint(2) unsigned default '0' not null , tax_on tinyint(2) unsigned default '0' not null , tax_lookup tinyint(2) unsigned default '0' not null , tax_name varchar(30) not null , tax_agency varchar(30) not null , tax_rate float default '0' not null , pmts_memo varchar(128) not null , prods_sort tinyint(2) unsigned default '0' not null , prods_width smallint(5) unsigned default '48' not null , qbi_config_active tinyint(2) default '0' not null , qbi_config_added timestamp default 'CURRENT_TIMESTAMP' not null , PRIMARY KEY (qbi_config_id) )
  5. There actually IS a difference and I will attempt to make it clearer for anyone: $index[$kname] = array('unique' => !$keys['Non_unique'], 'columns' => array()); } $index[$kname]['columns'][] = $keys['Column_name']; } while (list($kname, $info) = each($index)) { $schema .= ',' . "\n"; $columns = implode($info['columns'], ', '); if ($kname == 'PRIMARY') { $schema .= ' PRIMARY KEY (' . $columns . ')'; } elseif ($info['unique']) { $schema .= ' UNIQUE ' . $kname . ' (' . $columns . ')'; } else { $schema .= ' KEY ' . $kname . ' (' . $columns . ')'; } } $schema .= "\n" . ');' . "\n\n"; fputs($fp, $schema); Gets changed to: $index[$kname] = array('unique' => !$keys['Non_unique'], 'fulltext' => ($keys['Index_type'] == 'FULLTEXT' ? '1' : '0'), 'columns' => array()); } $index[$kname]['columns'][] = $keys['Column_name']; } while (list($kname, $info) = each($index)) { $schema .= ',' . "\n"; $columns = implode($info['columns'], ', '); if ($kname == 'PRIMARY') { $schema .= ' PRIMARY KEY (' . $columns . ')'; } elseif ( $info['fulltext'] == '1' ) { $schema .= ' FULLTEXT ' . $kname . ' (' . $columns . ')'; } elseif ($info['unique']) { $schema .= ' UNIQUE ' . $kname . ' (' . $columns . ')'; } else { $schema .= ' KEY ' . $kname . ' (' . $columns . ')'; } } $schema .= "\n" . ');' . "\n\n"; fputs($fp, $schema); Bold is what I added.
  6. Although I did not do exactly what you said.. I did manage to get it working. I could not find the section of code you pointed out to change but I could find because mine was slightly different and was missing two lines from what you said to change FROM. So the first thing I did was merge the differences and try it, before replacing with your siuggested code. Bam! It works! Here was my solution, though I am not sure which solution is the best, yours or the one I used that worked. I have not tried yours yet. Replace: $schema = 'drop table if exists ' . $table . ';' . "\n" . 'create table ' . $table . ' (' . "\n"; $table_list = array(); $fields_query = tep_db_query("show fields from " . $table); while ($fields = tep_db_fetch_array($fields_query)) { $table_list[] = $fields['Field']; $schema .= ' ' . $fields['Field'] . ' ' . $fields['Type']; if (strlen($fields['Default']) > 0) $schema .= ' default \'' . $fields['Default'] . '\''; if ($fields['Null'] != 'YES') $schema .= ' not null'; if (isset($fields['Extra'])) $schema .= ' ' . $fields['Extra']; $schema .= ',' . "\n"; } $schema = ereg_replace(",\n$", '', $schema); // add the keys $index = array(); $keys_query = tep_db_query("show keys from " . $table); while ($keys = tep_db_fetch_array($keys_query)) { $kname = $keys['Key_name']; if (!isset($index[$kname])) { $index[$kname] = array('unique' => !$keys['Non_unique'], 'columns' => array()); } $index[$kname]['columns'][] = $keys['Column_name']; } while (list($kname, $info) = each($index)) { $schema .= ',' . "\n"; $columns = implode($info['columns'], ', '); if ($kname == 'PRIMARY') { $schema .= ' PRIMARY KEY (' . $columns . ')'; } elseif ($info['unique']) { $schema .= ' UNIQUE ' . $kname . ' (' . $columns . ')'; } else { $schema .= ' KEY ' . $kname . ' (' . $columns . ')'; } } $schema .= "\n" . ');' . "\n\n"; fputs($fp, $schema); With: $schema = 'drop table if exists ' . $table . ';' . "\n" . 'create table ' . $table . ' (' . "\n"; $table_list = array(); $fields_query = tep_db_query("show fields from " . $table); while ($fields = tep_db_fetch_array($fields_query)) { $table_list[] = $fields['Field']; $schema .= ' ' . $fields['Field'] . ' ' . $fields['Type']; if (strlen($fields['Default']) > 0) $schema .= ' default \'' . $fields['Default'] . '\''; if ($fields['Null'] != 'YES') $schema .= ' not null'; if (isset($fields['Extra'])) $schema .= ' ' . $fields['Extra']; $schema .= ',' . "\n"; } $schema = ereg_replace(",\n$", '', $schema); // add the keys $index = array(); $keys_query = tep_db_query("show keys from " . $table); while ($keys = tep_db_fetch_array($keys_query)) { $kname = $keys['Key_name']; if (!isset($index[$kname])) { $index[$kname] = array('unique' => !$keys['Non_unique'], 'fulltext' => ($keys['Index_type'] == 'FULLTEXT' ? '1' : '0'), 'columns' => array()); } $index[$kname]['columns'][] = $keys['Column_name']; } while (list($kname, $info) = each($index)) { $schema .= ',' . "\n"; $columns = implode($info['columns'], ', '); if ($kname == 'PRIMARY') { $schema .= ' PRIMARY KEY (' . $columns . ')'; } elseif ( $info['fulltext'] == '1' ) { $schema .= ' FULLTEXT ' . $kname . ' (' . $columns . ')'; } elseif ($info['unique']) { $schema .= ' UNIQUE ' . $kname . ' (' . $columns . ')'; } else { $schema .= ' KEY ' . $kname . ' (' . $columns . ')'; } } $schema .= "\n" . ');' . "\n\n"; fputs($fp, $schema); I am guessing I should try to stick with what's closest to the default osc code, so thinking my solution is actually preferred... but if you know differently that your suggestion will be better for me and for anyone else having this problem, please say so. I searched online and found several people having the same error, but no solutions posted so I am thinking a lot of troubleshooters will read this post.
  7. Yes, I see but what file is generating this error, which contains that last line? I can't figure out where it's coming from. I guess another way of asking is how do I make my tools>backup not generate the quotes around that CURRENT_TIMESTAMP? I need to be able to backup AND restore through the control panel without using phpMyAdmin every time an deleting quotes..
  8. Thanks for your prompt reply! However, I've already managed to restore the database.. I am trying to make it work for future use since I'm not the one managing the catalog, etc. From what you posted, I gether that my export command is adding those single quotes and is causing the problem.. but there's another problem, I can't even find anywhere in the script the string of characters: qbi_config_added and CURRENT_TIME_STAMP, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP and the only one found is CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, which is in EasyPopulate only. so I don't know where to check and see about making it not add the quotes. Any ideas?
  9. vyoufinder

    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    Some thoughts about this module: Great contribution overall. A lot of hefty programming went into this one and the code behind it is excellent. It took a LOT of customizing to get this working in my cart and it's still not 100% there. I haven't even begun testing how it handles different currencies and currencies not handled by Google Checkout but enabled in my cart. Maybe this is not beta if installed on stock osCommerce but on mine it's big-time-beta code. I'm debating whether or not to continue to get this working better or to uninstall it entirely and not use Google checkout until they (inevitably they will have to because this idea they have is so dumb it's not going to work) change their Terms of Service agreement to allow people to use Google Checkout without it being the one being pushed on people. The first thing I notice is that there's no Google Checkout when the user checks out as normal. None at all. Before they checkout, however, there's a "or use Google Checkout" button which is over pronounced on the page. It totally sucks. I read in this forum that the reason is because people can order from Google and Google passes the information into the cart for the customer, saving them the trouble of entering the information into my cart. I think this logic is stupid. It's backwards in every way. If Google wants to pass the customer information to my cart, that would be fine but sending them the order information, as in the product information, is totally stupid. How are they going to handle attributes and attribute sets? What about custom fields people have added? It's stupid in every way. To send it to Google just to send it back to myself is stupid. Why not split the information into two parts; the customer's billing and shipping information separate from the customer's order information, then merge the two? THIS would make sense. Having a strongarm tactic trying to push people to use Google Checkout is like Yahoo with their Yahoo toolbar. It's like buying a computer and getting it home only to find out that it's got a ton of junk all over it that's going to take you all day to get rid of.... It sucks. I don't buy the excuse that it's to make it easier on the user. This could be done without being pushy about which payment processor people are opted. I don't like totally rebuilding my cart just to suit Google's trying to control everything. I especially don't like passing all these variables to Google then in a year and every year thereafter, they change the variables they accept and we all rebuild our shopping carts all over again. Google also gives the option to the customer to keep their email address confidential (from you, the store owner.) Another example of Google hijacking your business... Why do I feel like Google is being so nice all the time only because they want to OWN me?
  10. I compared your file against mine and it's exactly the same. his makes me think that the problem could actually be somewhere else in your cart but ok, one thing that looked screwy to me in your file and mine too and most likely the contribution. Line 13 doesn't end with a semicolon. This is just a hunch and I haven't tested this yet but you can try this file and see if it solves your problem: <?php /* WebMakers.com Added: Downloads Controller Functions NOTE: Some function may already exist in other Add-Ons I have created. */ ?> <?php //// // BOF: WebMakers.com Added: configuration key value lookup function tep_get_configuration_key_value($lookup) {$configuration_query_raw= tep_db_query("select configuration_value from " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " where configuration_key='" . $lookup . "'"); $configuration_query= tep_db_fetch_array($configuration_query_raw); $lookup_value= $configuration_query['configuration_value']; return $lookup_value; } // EOF: WebMakers.com Added: configuration key value lookup ?> If that works will you also let me know? Because if it does I will also change my file (though mine seems to be working as is.) The only change here is taking out a linebreak before line 14 in your file.
  11. Alex - First let me thank you personally for all your effort! Thanks to all the other people out there solving problems too but in this case, Alex is the hero. I must confess that I didn't follow all your instructions in the guide. Actually I didn't actually follow them at all but used them as background information. Setting up the sandbox was unnecessary for my (slow) live site and it looked like a real hassle so I skipped it. I also didn't change the values assigned to the orders_status variables to be 10 and 12 or 101 or whatever.. Too confusing for me so I just left them as the defaults of 4 and 2 as they were with the original Downloads Controller contribution. Not sure why you suggest the changes but may be that I used a different version of Downloads Controller. I know I at least used version 5.3 or later but not sure which. My reason for not following these instructions was that I already had the downloads controller installed and working before installing PayPal IPN. When I installed PayPal IPN it worked out of the box. My biggest hurdle was figuring out that I needed to change my orders_status for paid orders using PayPal IPN to be something other than default. As soon as I changed it to be "Processing" my downloads controller again worked but now using PayPal IPN. For anyone having this problem, try switching "Set PayPal Acknowledged Order Status" to "processing" and might solve your problem like it did mine. With the "Set PayPal Acknowledged Order Status" set to "Default" I was able to purchase and download the file upon returning to my site but then as soon as I left the page and tried to access the download any other way, as in by clicking on "my account" and then "view" there would be no download link - only a message saying that all downloads are not available until paid. So if anyone else has this problem, see above. By the way I don't have auto-return enabled in my PayPal account, nor do I have IPN enabled. Just a stock PayPal account as per the contribution's instructions. Now.. I DO have a question here. Actually more than one so bear with me please: 1. When I make a test order on my live store, it works but I always get (and customer will see) "PayPal IPN Invalid [Completed]" in the order comments. Hree is a screenshot from the customer perspective: See the weird output in the order history? Is that normal? Why does it say "PayPal IPN Invalid (completed)?" That's weird! Something seems amiss... In the control panel it's also screwy: and here's how I have my PayPal IPN settings: It works but screwy and I don't think the invalid is supposed to be coming back to me. I do receive the payment and the orders come through, customer can download, etc. but thinking this isn't right. Explanation? 2. My next question is regarding SSL and all the unexplained (in the instructions) fields in the lower half of the PayPal IPN settings page, such as private key, public certificate, paypals public certificate, etc.. What I am wondering is how necessary is it that I use SSL for PayPal IPN? First I would need to allow my site to use SSL right? What information is or is not being encrypted by this control? If it's credit card numbers then I don't know why anyone would run a site not using ssl. If it's just order details being passed unencrypted then well, no biggie but still might be worth protecting. So if I do decide to use SSL, do I need to use all of these? Just one? Which one I have no idea.. I am running several sites all using the same PayPal account so I don't want to mess up my other sites by locking myself into only being able to run one (paypal ipn using and ssl enabled) site.
  12. By secured, do you mean admin section? SSL secured? VERY interested to hear more about this, thank you.
  13. Ok, I think I understand about the pages to use the header tags contrib on better now. In the instructions it is recommended only for two files but I think I will enable it on manufacturers.php, and categories.php (since these have the ability to enter meta tags as well) and maybe on a couple of pages like my all products page or something and just see what it does on that. In Google's webmaster guidelines they recommend static links as much as possible and I am thinking it might not be good to have dynamically generated meta tags either (if someone knows, please post) but it's the impression I get. If anyone has recommendations, please post. I saw some other recommendations on which pages to use them on but nothing that answered all my questions.... The search engines like keeping us in the dark as to what helps us or hurts us.. On the fill tags option - geez, hadn't even seen that page yet! Thank you, figured it out. On the language I just don't know if the one file is required or not. I think the script accesses only the english version of the one page and then relies on the other language files for the text changes but I am not sure so I made an espanol and german version too with no changes. It can't hurt right? .. Just trying to minimize leftover pages from old contribs, etc..
  14. Ok, thanks for the information! A couple more questions... I am wondering about the tag I am supposed to change to be: <?php // BOF: Header Tag Controller v2.5.7 if ( file_exists(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'header_tags.php') ) { require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'header_tags.php'); } else { ?> <title><?php echo TITLE; ?></title> <?php } // EOF: Header Tag Controller v2.5.7 ?> 1. Which changes the meta tags to use the contribution... I did it for ALL pages on my site but I am wondering if I should have only done it on SOME of the pages and not all....? 2 Then I am wondering if anyone has made it so that the contribution will fill the meta description with the description from the product rather than the title. Right now if I leave the tags blank they all get filled in with the product name but I want it to fill the product name for the title and use it for a keyword but use the description from the product for the description meta tag...? 3. Then lastly I am wondering about adding languages. I translated the language files but then I notice now that there is only one language in catalog/admin/header_tags_english.php. I made two new files for espanol and german but there is nothing to translate in the file, catalog/admin/header_tags_english.php so I don't know why there is only one language file for it and what will happen if someone uses the admin section in German, does it use the english file or what?
  15. I just updated from version 1.0.... lot of work figuring out what was new and what was old but I got it working. My problem is that when I view my page source to check my header tags I see they have an extra "/" on the end like this: <meta name="Description" content="Bush and Kerry"/> <meta name="Keywords" content="Bush and Kerry"/> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"/> I am sorry if it has been asked before but Ididn't see it. Anyone know how to get rid of the "/" above??
  16. vyoufinder

    fixes to PhpBB contribution

    I see that this contribution can work but haven't gotten it working in mine yet. Is anyone who has it working properly willing to share their code so I can compare? I would also like to add troubleshooting steps to the current instructions if I find things that are common to cause people problems?
  17. vyoufinder

    PhpBB2 2.0.15 Contribution Support

    For anyone having this trouble I have the solution: commenting out a call to includes/application_top.php open catalog/admin/bb_default.php comment out one line: find: include($file); and replace it with: // include($file); This is an extra call to applilcation_top.php that needs to be removed before the left part of the control panel will load
  18. vyoufinder

    fixes to PhpBB contribution

    That link is not working, is there an updated link? If anyone has this working plas update the contribution with your files
  19. vyoufinder

    fixes to PhpBB contribution

    Actually based on the number of fixes, anyone who has it working correctly all the way through care to post their files as an update to the contribution itself? I have seen it working on several sites so if one of you could post a contribute update it would be appreciated ;)
  20. vyoufinder

    fixes to PhpBB contribution

    When I try to access my admin panel for osCphpBB, this is what I see on the left before the box which contains the Admin Index and other options and I can't get in to create forums or topics or set options, et cetera. I have followed all the steps in this long support thread and implemented the fixes the best I could but still have the error. Everything else appears to be working awesomely and I have used test users so I know I am almost there. Here is my lines 93-91 of catalog/admin/bb_default.php: ksort($module); while( list($cat, $action_array) = each($module) ) Any one care to post their bb_default page here? Just for checking against?
  21. vyoufinder

    PhpBB2 2.0.15 Contribution Support

    My installation was surprisingly smooth. I read the directions as carefully as I could an followed the 3 package upload process and was pleasantly surprised when the contribution worked nearly flawlessly. The one thing I had trouble noticing was to put all of the fies into .com/includes/modules/phpbb2/ After I figured that part out it worked like magic and seems stable. However, I am having trouble accessing my admin panel for phpBB and not sure if it is supposed to be accessible from the asC admin or by going to: org/admin/bb_default.php When I do that I get in the left page: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_db_connect() (previously declared in /homepages/0/removed/htdocs/autoload/admin/includes/functions/database.php:13) in /homepages/0/removed/htdocs/autoload/admin/includes/functions/database.php on line 13 Any ideas? line 13 is: function tep_db_connect($server = DB_SERVER, $username = DB_SERVER_USERNAME, $password = DB_SERVER_PASSWORD, $database = DB_DATABASE, $link = 'db_link') { global $$link; I am stoked to have this partially working and looking forward to 100% so all ideas appreciated. I am a novice and learning.
  22. vyoufinder

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    This is a great contribution. I just upgraded to the 1.6a version and works fantastic. There is still one problem I am trying to solve: it does not recognize specials prices. I also saw someone asked previously in this thread, but can't find any answers. Anyone know how to make it find the specials price if the item is on special?
  23. vyoufinder

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    I have (unfortunately) installed this contribution on 4 websites and all have the exact same problems: Shipping and handling is showing as if they paid it in my asC control panel, but when I check in PayPal, I see that nobody is actually paying any shipping fees. Only the items are being charged for. Then....sometimes the order is not even visible in my control panel. Usually yes, but sometimes nothing so I can't tell that an order ever occurred unless I go to PayPal. Then when I do go to PayPal any item attributes are not shown, nd their address is not shown so when I lose an order, I can't even go to PayPal's site to find their order and I am stuck emailing the customer to ask what size they ordered and asking them to please pay the shipping. I read in another post somewhere someone said that 2.9 does not work, and that poster recommended just going back to the old version from Pablo. Anyone care to comment? I really liked the idea of this contribution and thought it was working great but now I am in headache hell. Also - on the contribution page there is reference made to "the 3.0 version below" but I don't see any .zip 30 version below as stated...???
  24. vyoufinder

    ThumbNails and WaterMarks OnTheFly

    I tried your version to see if I could get it working. I had some success, but definitely it is not working and I think it is a problem with my server. I followed your readme (which is 100x better than the contribution which was based on yours, by the way. It is accurate.) My images are mostly broken links, but on some of my images, I see my watermark. However, it is not transparent, and covers the image with an opacity of 100% in the upper-left corner. I am not sure why it only works on some images, but trying only to install the thumbnailing part of your contribution also does not work for me. Mostly it returns broken links, but some images appear, and like I say, I think it is a problem on my server. I had problems with a similar contribution which does not use .htaccess to perform the actions. In that contribution's readme file, it says that I need to have gd > 1.6 to perform some of the available functions included in that contribution such as re-sampling and transparent .gif images. I think I have a version of gd which is greater than 1.6, but I was unable to use the transparency functions and re-sampling part of the other contribution. Here is my gd information from my phpinfo.php script on my server: gd GD Support enabled GD Version 1.6.2 or higher FreeType Support enabled FreeType Linkage with freetype JPG Support enabled PNG Support enabled WBMP Support enabled Do you see a problem with my settings and your contribution? I am not sure why I am having troubles with your contribution, or the other contribution I installed, which is "OnTheFly_GDThumbs_1_5" by Nate Welch. Have you seen this contribution? What are the differences (besides the fact that yours uses .htacces and includes watermarks?) Thanks for the great support. I was really excited to see that you had responded in less than one day to my earlier queston!
  25. vyoufinder

    ThumbNails and WaterMarks OnTheFly

    That is great news. Yes, it was not your contribution which had the missing files and I had not realized that. I think I will wait for your next version (eagerly awaiting too, because it sounds totally rad.) I have another question too. I already installed another thumbnail generator for now, but it requires that both the height and width are specified in the control panel, therefore making the images in the admin distorted so that they stretch or compress to these specified dimensions. It is fine on the website front end, but looks screwy in the administration section. Does your contribution work differently so that the when the pictures are viewed via the control panel, they appear with their correct proportions? Your contribution really sounds like the solution I an many others need, so I am really looking forward to it. Thank you for your generous contribution of your skills!