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  1. Hello osCommerce List It users! In the past month we've made a few exciting updates to the List It button including automatic reporting [see your store manager] and new, lighter options for faster loading [no database connectivity or logging] and improved matching using osCommerce product IDs. We've also redone the security processes for List It and the button will now automatically run over http or https depending on the user's connection. These changes will all take effect automatically for any site running List It but please do let me know if you have any questions here or directly through our store owner portal... - Drew
  2. Thanks for the comments Ian - and being one of the first osCommerce stores to give us a shot... I'm very glad to see you're up and running now!
  3. It's only been a week since our last update but in that time we've had a number of osCommerce stores sign up and start using Giftery and, with their feedback, we've gone back to development to make a couple more improvements... First we've built a custom product exporter. This will allow us to automatically read your products increasing the matching accuracy when someone makes a wishlist request and listing your products in our Gift Shopping portal for free. Second we've cleaned up the installation process creating a simplified guide and two-step process. You can now sign up your osCommerce store for a free profile and get all your customized install code by visiting www.giftery.me/storeowner/oscommerce New download file @ http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,8226 Take a look, give List It a try and let us know what you think.
  4. Latest Release: July 2nd, 2012 For support please post to this thread or drop us a note What Does the "List It" Addon Do? Simply put List It brings Giftery.me's Universal Wishlists right into your product pages by adding a simple 60x24.. Once enabled, List It allows your visitors to save their favorite items to share with friends & family, ask for as a gift, or just bookmark for later all without leaving your site . And of course when someone is ready to buy, they're returned right back to your store to make the purchase. ...queue the marketing talk... Unlike with single-site wishlist tools, Giftery.me is universal meaning shoppers can add anything from any store and end up with just one list. As an osCommerce store this is important because, let's face it, no one shops with just one store or just one type of product. By having a flexible list, you avoid losing customers to stores with more selection and since Giftery.me is independant, we find that people return to, add too and share their lists more often. How do I add List It to my site? Integrating with your store requires two things: a free store profile with Giftery.me [so we know where to send shoppers back too] and a simple template edit to add our button into your product pages. You can get started by visiting http://www.giftery.me/storeowner/addstore/?type=oscommerce and select "osCommerce" as your store type. Or skip right over to the directions by downloading the contribution @ http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,8226 or see the online version @ http://www.giftery.me/storeowner/oscommerce/ How do I add my products to Giftery.me? While List It works without any data from your store, if we know your products we can insure a photo, price and title appears with every pick... Our team is hard working on an automated feed for osCommerce but in the meantime if you have an existing Google Shopping or Product Feed addon installed you can upload your information in bulk through our Store Manager - or you can add and edit items individually through the same site. Release Updates: We've been integrated with osCommerce since November, 2011 and are now on revision 3, released July 2nd, 2012