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  1. cm27

    help in the layoout

    ok I have found this problem as it a small code I removed from the template_bottom.php \ <?php } if ($oscTemplate->hasBlocks('boxes_column_right')) { ?> <div id="columnRight" class="grid_<?php echo $oscTemplate->getGridColumnWidth(); ?>"> <?php echo $oscTemplate->getBlocks('boxes_column_right'); ?> </ So if anyone has trouble here it is this will make all your boxes on the left side :)
  2. I have fussed with the grid system and to me its junk. but all i want to do is make all my boxes on the left side with out using the admin panel as in force them all over. Is there any way to do this . PLEASE help . I have read all about the grid system so please dont tell me to read it . To me it make no sense at all . or is there away to remove this from the shop ? I like the shop features but if I am unable to work this out I will move to something different .. Please help Thanks Cm27
  3. cm27

    grid layout

    I figure it out :) i used both the grid layout from os template and my css file and boom done :)
  4. cm27

    grid layout

    So is there any way to pull the whole grid system out of the osc? an use tables and css files as I keep getting beat up on this. I just want to make my center product section look a bit better and have a wider lay out I have tryed to use the grid cs generator and it well lol Any help here would be nice or a few tips Thanks
  5. I have tried this and it asked me for an API key .. Well I not using that so is there a work around or do I need to work it out my self ?