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  1. Hi everyone

    Using Paypal Official 3.2 version on oscommerce 2.3.4-

    I am using checkout_process.php on Autoreturn URL on Paypal


    When a customer pays with Paypal it is not getting transferred to the order process email???

    Whereas the other modules work fine....

    Could you help me on this please..

    Thanx in advance...

    Having the same issue, if the customer does not click return to site, regardless of my settings of automatic return, they nor I ever receive an order email.


    I would use PayPal express and avoid the whole thing, but my discount codes, and other things do not work, and I dislike the Paypal express button displayed on every product page.


    Any ideas what we can do???



    In your PayPal account Profile -> Selling Preferences -> Website Payment Preferences page:


    Turn Payment Data Transfer OFF!


    Who told you to turn that on in the first place? :D




    Worked for me, thanks!!!!!!!

  3. I have a lot of products, they all have so many different attributes, so editing them (or even finding them) in the current Admin Panel is a very tedious chore.  


    I searched for a few days and all I could find was this:




    It's really simple, and perfect however not compatible with OR obviously 2.3.4


    I have spent a day trying to pick through the code and see what the original coders did to add the function, but with some many functions and coding changed in the newer versions of OSCommerce, I can't get it.  


    Anyone have any advice or an Addon I could use?  I currently have the "Clone Products Attribute" mod installed and need to keep that, and would rather search by Product Name.




    If I add simple text it will allow you to go back and edit the text.


    If I add text with HTML the module will not let me go back and re exit the text. Gives this error message

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /hermes/bosweb/web013/b138/nf.kg4ena/public_html/home/admin/modules.php(237) : eval()'d code on line 1


    If I uninstall module and reinstall the module re-add the text and save it is ok.


    It the same for me, I have double checked to make sure I dont have any ' or " in my text or HTML

  5. Hello guys


    I received my USPS username and password, and was also moved to the "Production Server" as instructed in the module for the USPS shipping, I am running 2.3.1 and the latest module "USPS Methods" by bearclaw. However before and after the USPS server move all I get is this in the cart:


    United States Postal Service

    shipping_usps.gif An error occured with the USPS shipping calculations.

    If you would like to use USPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner.


    I followed the new modules instructions to the "t" however I must be doing something wrong. I updated the module because the one included with 2.3 did the SAME exact thing. I also have my zip code entered in the configuration.


    Thanks for any support.