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    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    And: That's two commercial ads in one single post ;-) Please read our forum rules and (at least) change your signature. Last time I checked there were some 400 auction sites online, but - as always, according to Cringely - there will be a market share of 85% for the big one and 15% left for the rest. It happened with M$ and Apple, it happened with Commodore64 and Atari 800XL, and it also happens with eBay. Let's hope it also happens to osCommerce, I mean - we getting the 85% ;-)
  2. Jan0815

    Firstgate Payment Modul.PLZ.HLP.

    OK. I have just found your post on the german forum. Am I right when I understand from the site www.firstgate.de that this is not really a payment gateway in the classical sense, but more a payment method for HTML-pages, downloadable files etc.? I could not find any detailed developers information. Normally Payment gateways offer some sort of "Implementation Guide" or similar. A test-account where the payment module can work with is also quite often needed. Sometimes one must be a registered customer/developer to get these informations. If you have access to detailed information you can either send me the details or post them here (if allowed). Without more details and without a test-account it is not possible to implement a payment module.
  3. Jan0815

    Firstgate Payment Modul.PLZ.HLP.

    As this seems to be a specific german solution, you could ask the question in our german support forums. Find those on www.oscommerce.de. And it would be good if you can give us the URL from where you got the information. There may be detailed information there that we could use. Crossposting the same question in several forums will not really help in getting an answer ;-) - Please read our forum rules. HTH
  4. The "headers already sent" stuff is also explained in detail in our FAQ. Simply delete everything (including newlines etc.) after the closing ?> tag and this error message is gone. HTH
  5. Jan0815

    what can quickbooks mod do for you!

    With that attitude noone will do it then ;-) What's the problem with setting up osCommerce on your local machine, install the contribution and play with it? I would never install a contrib without prior testing. But that's just my .02.
  6. Jan0815

    password protect for windows systems

    Geez, really? I thought such a giant company as M$ would be able to produce a 1000+ pages manual. ;-) Result: Use apache :-))
  7. Jan0815

    password protect for windows systems

    Password protection for http-servers is highly implementation-dependant. You will have to read the manual of your webserver program to find out how to do it. Most of us tend to use Apache so you will often hear something about .htaccess files - the apache method of doing this. IIS will use some clicker-di-click-multiple-funny-dialogboxes approach (I dunno, never used IIS) and omni-httpd is something I never touched :-) My advice: start using apache ;-)
  8. Jan0815

    password protect for windows systems

    IIS? Read the manual ;-) Apache? Use .htaccess/htpasswd files HTH
  9. Jan0815

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    All shipping and payment modules provide the specifications for free and allow development of these modules under the GNU/GPL. eBay wants you to sign an NDA and pay prior to give you the API-documentation. The license of this API actually prohibits use of the API in OpenSource/Free Software as that would be a violation of the NDA/License agreement. And things get even worse. eBay Germany has different license terms - so a generic solution must satisfy all local eBay license terms or else eBay could get really angry. By using the part of the usage terms I quoted thy actually can do that. Hehe. So do we by giving away osCommerce under GNU/GPL. Are you saying we should change that? Proprietary systems will be wiped away by open standards - that's what I believe. eBay will develop a standard method using SOAP or something similar and will provide the specs free of charge or special license terms. Just as google does for example. And the shipping/payment gateway providers do. Charging money to actually use these APIS is something different.
  10. Jan0815

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    I am not quite sure to which part of my posting you are referring, so I will split this in two parts: Part 1: How can I support osCommerce and the Team? Simple - http://www.oscommerce.com/about.php/team and give us your money :-) Part 2: What about eBay? You can do three things: - Pay money to eBay and use the API. But that will get you in big trouble. If you would program an osC-module based on that you will get problems with the GNU/GPL. Why? Because on of the essential freedoms fo Free Software is violated in that case. The right to use software without restrictions. And you cannot integrate software in osCommerce that is licensed under some other license. - Break their rules and parse the HTML. You can do that. And as soon as eBay changes the layout of their pages all installed modules based on this will be broken and you have to fix it ASAP. And you could get trouble with eBay when the module is widely used and thus causing problems at eBay. - Convince eBay to support osCommerce and other Free Software/OpenSource solutions in a GNU/GPL-compatible way. Good Luck :-) We had this discussion before and at a certain point we saw that eBay must change their rules before we can do anything usefull. This situation has not changed. So change it :-)) HTH
  11. Jan0815

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    How about setting up a program that gives us - the developers of osCommerce - money? SCNR. I always love ot to read messages that say "It is fine to pay money for software". I would only hope that people that say something like that realize the amount of time we spend on developing and supporting osCommerce. This is on the eBay User Agreement page (nr. 7): http://pages.ebay.com/help/community/png-user.html
  12. Jan0815

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    This has been discussed numerous times in the past. If you search the archives you will find a lot of entries about eBay. My conclusion was that when you use the HTML pages, parse them and use the results for any sort of add-on you are in violation of eBays terms of use. The only official way is to use these API that are very expensive. I once stated that eBay has not been noticing that the world is changing and Free Software will rule :-) HTH
  13. Try to find out why stylesheets are called "cascading style sheets" ;-) HTH
  14. Jan0815

    Product upload almost ready:)

    Looks very good indeed! But what about tax classes? Product active? Date of availability etc? As soon as you have a contribution ready I would love to help in making your solution even better! Looking forward!
  15. Could we please stop abusing the forum for file exchange? ;-) Short code snippets are fine, but complete files cost an awful lot of traffic. Is that really needed? Additionally this thread looks really cluttered. May I kindly remind of the forum rules: The forum is for information exchange only. Commercial advertising is not allowed. Any features mentioned in the forums must be freely available under the GPL license and freely downloadable at the Contributions section on the osCommerce support site. So if this code is working - make it a contribution. If it is a Work In Progress - put some zip file on your own server and post the link here. Once it is finsihed - contribution. Don't get me wrong, this thread is very productive and interesting - keep up the good work. I simply ask you to change the methods used.
  16. Jan0815

    Finding contributions is frustrating

    The contributions part will be updated/enhanced as soon as Hatald has some time for it. This is scheduled to happen shortly before 2.2 is released. There will happen a lot to get the contributions working with 2.2. Matk Evans will review the contributions and make them work with 2.2. We are working hard. We are giving you osC for free. Please invest that bit of time for finding the contributions you need. We are working hard, but we cannot do everything at the same time. Getting 2.2 out is the main thing. Should we change our priorities?
  17. Jan0815

    Finding contributions is frustrating

    First of all - ajeh is osCommerce Team Member. She knows the rules, trust me. Second - first this thread is complaining about contributions being complicated to find due to different versions and now you ask to enhance the mess by uploading even unfinished versions? Linda (ajeh) will upload the V4 once she thinks it meets the quality standards she is using (they are high ;-). In the meantime she offers it on her site. So you can always get it. I cannot see a problem here.
  18. Here you go: http://www.oscommerce.com/downloads.php/co...ions,425/type,5 From the description: 08/28/2002 - catalog_anywhere.zip (2.2-CVS) Author: Patrick Veverka This will allow you to show a catalog of your products outside of your osc directory. It offers great inherent customization and is simple to customize beyond my additions. All you have to do is change some settings and upload to wherever you want to show your catalog. This catalog allows you to choose how many products per page to show to manage download time. HTH
  19. Jan0815

    How to write up a contribution?

    Quite simple. Make a zip file of your changes, include the GPL and a thorough README and post it under Contributions HTH
  20. Jan0815

    Administrators-1.2.2 help please

    I guess it is outdated.
  21. Hehe. And to make it realy smart I would suggest to test on: - Flash - Java - JavaScript - Marquee If the marquee solution works in 90% of all cases - go for it. I only wanted to make sure that we all know that the marquee tag might not work in new browsers that will hit the stage in - say - 6 months.
  22. Please bear in mind that this solution uses the marquee tag. The marquee tag is a non-standard extension to HTML introduced by Microsoft and seems to also work with newer Mozilla browsers but will not work with older Netscape browsers or opera. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  23. Jan0815

    PayPal IPN?

    You mean on the paypal pages? That is something you cannot blame osCommerce for. It is a paypal design decision. Search the forums for "sit-in" and you will find a thread that talsk about exactly this. HTH
  24. Jan0815

    DHTML Menu's

    Right yous are. There is nothing wrong with using bells and whistles as long as you ALSO offer a method for people that don't want them. There were some discussions in the past that said "my stats show only .2% mozilla, so why should I support them?" and that is the wrong way of looking at the problem. If you only support one browser and only support one method of navigation you will for sure notice that no other browser shos up in the statistics as these other browser are not able to visit your site. That is my point: Take a look at slashdot, securiteam etc. Some people say "back to the roots, ugly" but these sites are very succesfull because they know their audience. HTH