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  1. gritsop

    App Store or Add-on Store or...?

    Add or plug-in. It is better to call it as such to denote it is an enhancement to the main platform.
  2. gritsop

    Shipping methods

    Hello. Just wanted to ask if the shipping modules include the option of declaring specific ZIP Codes for a given country which are denoted as "Remote Areas" (eg DHL). Remote area is a specific zip code where the carrier imposes an extra fee. It would be very practical to be able to declare these ZIP codes in order to avoid charging the normal rate and avoid discussing with the client being charged more. Kind regards
  3. That's correct. However, OSC should be flexible to support all cases. OSC is not limited to just one case.
  4. Hello All, I agree with Burt that we should not take BREXIT as a politics issue BUT we should take BREXIT as a Phoenix PHP programming challenge. There are people here against BREXIT and people supporting it; we shouldn't turn the board into an endless politics arena. I am running a webshop located in the EU (Greece specifically) selling internationally and the UK is a very good market that shouldn't be overlooked. The current status about VAT is that anyone selling to the UK via an electronic platform should be charging UK VAT for an order =< £135. When an order is greater than £135 no VAT is charged and the buyer should pay the VAT when the item is received (VAT paid at the post office, courier etc). The seller should open an account to HMRC so that VAT earned for orders up to £135 is payed to the UK revenue quarterly if i am not mistaken. My concern right now is that the Phoenix platform should probably have the option to activate the threshold of £135 about applying VAT or not. Just giving food for thought.
  5. gritsop

    KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support

    Hello Rainer. Which image should i convert? If you mean the Credit Card Logos image, this cant be converted as the source code should be changed and it is something that I cant do as the code is encrypted by the Bank. The Credit Card Logos image is in PNG format. How can the watermark not be applied for the specific image on the specific page?
  6. gritsop

    KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support

    Hello all. I have seen that the watermark image appears on top of an image on the checkout_payment.php page. All the images on the rest of the pages are shown normally. I have cleared the cache but no change. The KissIT version is 3.4.2 and the OC Phoenix is
  7. Hello Thank you for the add on which is really good! Is there a way to make the prices (INC TAX/EXC TAX) appear on the webshop front page (New products for month), what's new, specials etc? Kind regards
  8. gritsop

    Display Tax Info V3.0

    Hello Rainer. For the contribution to be installed on Phoenix where should we add the "includes/application_top.php" declaration? Thank you in advance.