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  1. Hello Just digging up this mod to see that a product with quantity = 0 can still be added to the shopping cart if accessed from the frontpage of the webshop. The product list on the frontpage (new products for the current month) still displays the shopping cart icon which means it can be added to the customer's shopping cart. Can this mod be adjusted/corrected for that? kind regards
  2. Hello Thank you for the add on which is really good! Is there a way to make the prices (INC TAX/EXC TAX) appear on the webshop front page (New products for month), what's new, specials etc? Kind regards
  3. Hello I have installed the module to Phoenix version and once enabled and selected the page that the tax info should be displayed (product_info.php) I get browser "error 500 The website cannot display the page". if the page is unselected, then it is shown correctly. I have followed the installation instructions line by line but still the error is here. Any help appreciated.
  4. gritsop

    Display Tax Info V3.0

    Hello Rainer. For the contribution to be installed on Phoenix where should we add the "includes/application_top.php" declaration? Thank you in advance.