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  1. tails2k

    Invoice modification

    Hello... installed the mod for ms2.... got the following error Parse error: parse error in /var/www/osc/admin/orders.php on line 90 I just dropped the files in....
  2. Henri! Great Job, super easy and just what I was looking for. I do see a small problem when I update a ticket and it sends the email back.... You can view the changes at: /osc/catalog/ticket_view.php?tlid=1T5f8X0b9D5Y7J it does not include the www..... would this be a problem with my OSC settings or with the ticket system?
  3. Thanks so much for your suggestions with a little tweaking and w/ the help of the wiki (http://wiki.oscommerce.com/helpHowtoAddBoxHeaderImages) I was able to get something together like I wanted. once I get it looking nice enough I'll post my creation ;)
  4. thanks for the suggestions i'll try them out later in the morn... bed time.. ;)
  5. I'm trying to remove the small border that appears around the new procudts box to give the "float" look to my new prodcuts, is there a simple way to do this I've checked out the wiki and the code but cant find where it's told to add the border....
  6. tails2k

    Changing layout of new products box

    Perfect worked like a charm, I'm not sure what I was doing wrong must have missed a , or a ) someplace. :)
  7. Greetings... I'm trying to figure this out but with no luck... I want to change how the new products are displayed... I'd like to have the price above the image, the picture, the title, then the buy now button, does anyone have any tips on how to do this? Thanks for your advanced support...
  8. I'm unable to delete the IPN's when they come in, of couse I can remove it in the database, but the buttons dont work.... I get the confirm to delete, but still no luck... ~G
  9. tails2k

    Require code to purchase a product

    This would be a good idea, anyone have any suggestions?
  10. Ok I installed this version (kjun) and worked right out of the box (I installed it on a clean loaded 5) One question I have.... Once you get the email saying you have a new order... it doesnt tell you what to build!! It just says 1 custom computer!!!
  11. tails2k

    question bout ICQ

    You get the alert for chat help from ICQ and chat though the web interface... HTH
  12. tails2k

    Easy Populate -- FROOGLE

    cool thanks for the info :)
  13. tails2k

    Easy Populate -- FROOGLE

    my bad, does anyone have a suggestion how to reverse this easiley?
  14. Hey I got sent an email from Froogle regarding my feed I've sent them... here is the email.. We have recently started to place your products into our category hierarchy. In this process, we noticed that your category field in your feed is exactly backwards of how we process our categories. For example, product CPU-XP1.8G-B, the "Retail AMD Athlon XP 1800+ - 266MHz - w/ CPU Fan - AMD 3yrs Warr," has the category of "AMD > CPU > Hardware." We would prefer that the category read "Hardware > CPU > AMD" so that the flow is from left to right. If you could please make this change to your categories, we will be able to process your feeds much more efficiently.