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  1. I need to change the word field "suburb" to say "school" ... will editing the address_book_details.php do that? do i still need to edit the database too? thanks
  2. does any one know of a easy and quick way to not display the price of a product when it is $0.00 (without using all of the wonderful Call for Price contribution features by linda)? just a one line code or so? Thanks...
  3. Sorry.... please be gentle... this is my first day. B
  4. Ok..... so glad it can be done.... how? Do you know who we can hire to do it for us or is it fairly easy? Thanks again.... you have been great! B
  5. Ok.... he wants it just like the following link..... when someone chooses a product catefory, the products are listed with QTY, Choice of flavor / color, and even a gift shipping choice.... http://bocajava.com/showCatalogTypeDetail....catalogTypeId=1 I hope this helps.... you have been kind to take time to answer and help us. Thank you. Brian
  6. We have been looking for a way to have a customer sign up for a monthly club where the products are shipped monthly and customers can log in to change monthly selections.... or at least sign up for the club SEPARATELY from buying products as well. Is there any such add on to OScommerce out there? Is there a club membership where one can choose productw with options in the membership?
  7. We found out how to remove the number of products displayed in the blocks, but still have not figured out how to remove the -> when there are sub categories.... can anyone help? Thanks.
  8. Thank you, Linda.... we have been struggling and hacking and scratching....
  9. Since I am not on a posting roll.... does anyone know how to stop the number beside the product categories in the left block.... i know.... i know... picky customer....
  10. I know... thanks..... he still wants it to display before that step.... we sure wish he did not want that..... he wants something like a drop down choice when just viewing the products under the categories....
  11. Wow... thank you for the quick reply, Linda! Our customers wants the choices displayed before the buy button is selected so they know what choices it comes in.... Does this make any sense?
  12. We have a customer who wants to display the type of options BEFORE selecting the buy now button. I have been searching and not able to find a solution. Can anyone help? Thanks....