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  1. I am using the standard Authorize.net module on my site. Everything is configured correctly, and I've had many people checking out with no issues. Today I had 3 people who went through the checkout, and it charged their credit card, but did not create an order for them. I get the email from Authorize.net with the "Authorization and Capture", but when I got into admin to check the order, there is no order for that customer. One customer emailed me, and stated that my site wanted to give him a cookie, and he flat out refuses to allow any cookies on his computer. So I assume that means he closed the browser window or something before he was sent back to our website. I know this used to be a big issue with PayPal payments. As for the other two people. I have no idea what happened. The one that replied to my email said that he completed the checkout. I'm running a free shipping promotion and I'm getting TONS of orders and it's going to be a nightmare if I have to try to match up every payment with and order, then email the customers to find out what they ordered and place them manually. Someone PLEASE help!
  2. worldwidedvds

    Customers Unable to Complete Checkout

    I had a 3rd party install an authorize.net module for me. I have several people who are trying to checkout with their credit card. They enter their information, and hit continue, and it reloads the screen. I read that this can be caused by having it configured to check stock level at checkout. Check stock is false in the Configuration->Stock. One person informed me she is using XP Home with IE, and was using a VISA card. I tried with a MasterCard on my home system (XP Pro with Firefox), and I was able to complete it fine. Is this an OSC issue, or a possible security setting on their machine?
  3. worldwidedvds

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    eBay Auction Manager 2.0 has received the official OSC stamp of approval and has been uploaded. It can now be found here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2330 I have started a new thread for support of this version here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?act=ST&f=7&t=106221
  4. This is the official support forum for: eBay Auction Manager 2.0 This thread is for discussing support and installation issues specific to version 2.0 found in the OSC Contributions: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2330 Enjoy!
  5. worldwidedvds

    Questions on eBay Auction Contribs

    Iceberg, I think EAM is exactly what you want. It fulfills each and everything you listed. As for the other contribution using the HTML scraping. There will always be flaws in that. First off, eBay does not allow it. So, if they find out, you could get your account suspended. A fact that he fails to mention. Secondly, eBay is constantly changing their HTML to purposely screw up anything trying to scrape the HTML. So, if they make a change, you have to wait for the author to fix the code before you can continue business. For an occasional user running a side business part time, that might be an option. However, to me, it is not an option. I will not tolerate even 5 minutes of downtime. Ask AuctionBlox (author of EAM), soon as something breaks, or doesn't work, I'm all over him to fix it immediately. EAM integrates beautifully into OSC with a very minimal install. Initial install from start to finish took me about 20 minutes. If you look at the size of the contribution, and compare to the install time of equivalent contributions, that is a big deal. Like I said, EAM has everything you need. The buyer is sent an email with a link to your website to complete checkout. They can complete the checkout on your website, and add additional items to their cart as they do so. Also, they can pay via PayPal immediately after the auction (most people do), and EAM will generate an order from that payment. EAM 3.0 has a new template feature that you will find quite useful. You can set up a template for an item, and list it automatically from your OSC store. No need to even go to eBay. You can set up multiple templates for each item, or just use one template, list the item, change the name, list it again, etc. Since everything is driving via OSC it ties directly to your inventory. I believe you can even reserve the amount if you list several on eBay so that someone doesn't checkout via your store and leave you short. (Not POSITIVE on that one, I handle my inventory differently) EAM is a complete auction manager. From the sale, to the feedback, it can do it all. Send reminders, file NPB and FVF, leave feedback, etc. Since EAM uses the eBay API, you do not have to worry about things getting screwed up whenever eBay changes their HTML code. AuctionBlox is fantastic with support! Any issues that have come up have been solved within a very short time. Most of the time it's eBay's fault, and he'll determine that it is their fault and confirm it for us, and he'll let us know if there is an expected time that they will have it fixed. As for the paying and things. Well, anytime you change the code for the API, you have to have it recertified through eBay for an additional $100. Then there is the construction of the interface between eBay and OSC to handle the API calls. I personally know two people who have done this, and they said it has been a nightmare dealing with eBay, and trying to make sense out of their API, and trying to make calls with the API that don't waste tons of calls and cost more money. I personally used EAM before it even had this option available. I entered each order manually. Even THAT was far better than the Excel spreadsheet I tried to keep track of the orders in. And the Access DB that I tried to keep track of the inventory needed and keep track of orders placed with vendors. I would recommend the download service for any heavy user. I sell between 150-250 items/week. Now I couldn't imagine trying to enter that many sales into EAM manually. EAM has freed up tons of time to allow me more time to focus on packing, customer service, and expanding my business. EAM is a tool. It has become a necessary tool in my business, and one that I will not give up. As for the cost itself. Check out similar products on the internet. Not the OSC contributions, none of them truly compare. There are several services that are similar to EAM on the web. For the volume that *I* do, they would run me between $40 and $150 a month. Each have their own features, most of which have been incorporated into EAM. But NONE of them integrate into OSC, allowing you to do everything through your store, and online. I now have the ability to run my business from anywhere (including the cruise ship I will be on in September). Best of luck with your business. If you have further questions, feel free to msg me directly.
  6. worldwidedvds

    Quickbooks 2004 Card Merchant Processing

    I am using the CC processing for QB 2003. I don't believe anything has changed between 2003 and 2004 versions regarding the CC processing. The CCs are processed in the Quickbooks software itself. I do not believe you can really tie them together the way you want. If you come up with something, please let us know, we would all be very interested. I am currently looking into other payment gateways.
  7. worldwidedvds

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    auctioblox, A suggestion if I may. Many of us have the PayPal IPN installed just for this contribution. You may want to include instructions on properly removing this contrib for those who wish to upgrade to the PayPal Cart. I know I plan on upgrading. If I remember, I tried to remove the IPN once before, and I ended up messing some things up. As mentioned before, some of the same files are changed, and some can be removed, but in the contrib installation, it is not clear what files are new, and what files overwrite existing ones.
  8. worldwidedvds

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    tammy, I'll see if I can go through and get all my mods. Only downfall is this.... When someone checks out, if they want to add something from you store, it also bases that shipping off the shipping entered into the table. If it's blank, then it's free shipping for that item. So you have to go through and add shipping to ALL your items. I came up with a few sql commands that entered them all for me based on weight. I think auctionblox is thinking about adding them to the contrib to make it easier.
  9. worldwidedvds

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    What *I* have done for my eBay shipping is I actually created several additional fields in the products table domestic_shipping domestic_shipping_additional global_shipping global_shipping_additional I populate those fields when I enter the item into the catalog. I have customized my super_shipping to check the shipping address to see if it's global, and pull the global rate for that item(s). That's my solution anyway.
  10. worldwidedvds

    UPS Shipping Labels?

    "Import and export data to/from your spreadsheet, database and word processing programs." That is a quote from the WorldShip page. Sounds like that may be what I will be using. Would be nice to click my orders and have them queue up, and then go into WorldShip or something, and them save the tracking info for the website so the user can pull it up. I REALLY don't feel like entering the data in for each order manually. I am also interested in the step by step, I may be able to edit my shipping page to work with it.
  11. worldwidedvds

    UPS Shipping Labels?

    Right now I click on all my orders I want to ship, and it exports a .csv file of all the shipping information and the email address. I was hoping I could import this into UPS Worldship and have it print the labels in batch, and send emails to the customers. That would be ideal. I've got an account with them, I'm waiting to finalize a few things before I start using it. Wish me luck!
  12. worldwidedvds

    UPS Shipping Labels?

    I'm looking for a contribution that will allow me to print UPS labels from OSC directly. I need to be able to print multiple labels, etc. I am looking for suggestions. I already have the XML tracking module for tracking of the packages, I just need something to print. Oh that note. I currently export to a .cvs file, and import into Stamps.com for my shipping. I will be switching to UPS. Does anyone know if UPS has a similar program that will allow me to import a .cvs and have it print out multiple lables and send an email to the customer with their tracking number? Thanks.
  13. worldwidedvds

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    CorneliusH, Thanks for that. I am going to make a similar one for my site too :) I agree, most people seem to know how to email, browse and bid on eBay, yet they can't figure out how to PAY. Stupid people killed my damn feedback, lost my powerseller status because they are too stupid to email me and ask for help. </rant>
  14. worldwidedvds

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    Oh, that's just asking for trouble. CorneliusH: I changed the COD to "Already Paid via PayPal" and I include a brief note in my invoices to the effect of, "If you have already paid via PayPal, please select the "Already Paid via PayPal" option in the payment screen."
  15. worldwidedvds

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    CorneliusH: All of my auctions are Buy It Now auctions. The EASM is not immediatly updated, it takes about an hour to update. If they try to checkout before it's updated they get a message that it takes up to 2 hours for the system to update. EASM will download the auctions throughout the day, and the timestamp on them is the actual time the person completed the transaction. Makes it nice when sending reminder/warning emails, and doing NPB alerts. In response to previous comments regarding emails and hard copy etc. First of all, email is not a guaranteed thing. Your server may have a hiccup, their server might have a hiccup, their ISP may have a spam filter that blocks your emails, etc. Unless you send receive receipt and read receipt on every message you'll never know what's being seen. Then you have people who don't send the receipts. Then those receipts would come to your email box and you'd have to sort them. There is no ONE way to track the emails, and there is no guaranteed way to do it. With that said, my suggestion is a type of customer history. To go along with the work flow, a report with each customer, and something that would look like this when completed: Sean Hull | Invoice Sent 02/01/2004 12:06 EST | Reminder Sent 02/05/2004 13:18 EST | Warning Sent 02/09/2004 01:16 EST | NPB Filed 02/11/2004 21:32 EST | FVF Completed 02/21/2004 16:04 EST | Negative Feedback Left 02/21/2004 16:05 EST Bryan Bailey | Invoice Sent 01/31/2004 05:22 EST | Reminder Sent 02/02/2004 18:08 EST | Checked Out (Order # 2156) 02/03/2004 19:39 EST | Paid 02/03/2004 19:45 EST | Shipped 02/05/2004 16:48 EST If someone says they were never notified, just copy and paste their info in and say, "We sent you several emails on the following dates." The report would have to be searchable by customer and email address atleast, maybe order # as well.