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    Newsletters & Subscribers OSC 2.3

    I installed the contrib no problem (with the sql-fix). But it seems the sql is messing up the site in IE. Everything is right aligned... Works fine with only the box activated and when the sql is removed. Any ideas? Or does anyone know another way / contrib that allows newsletter signup without account?
  2. First, great contrib. But I have an issue. I did the file mods twice now, to-the-dot.. but I don't get an installation option in admin>modules>order total for the Vouchers. No clue why... I have the Discount Coupons. Extremely frustrating.. Are there any known compatibility issues with other modules (seen the PayPal issue) Any ideas, anyone?
  3. Great contribution! Just upgraded and loving it. But I a problem. If you do an advanced search without using a keyword, e.g. search for products within a certain price range, and use the 'Buy now' button on the listing page and have the option of not showing cart after adding, then the listing returns a blank advanced search page. Tried fiddeling with the tep_href_link(basename($PHP_SELF), but no success... There's always the option to swich on the show cart after adding, but prefer not. Did anyone run into the same problem or know of a solution? Very, very much appreciated!
  4. hho

    Header Tags SEO

    I just did a check on http://validator.w3.org/ for my tags. It gave me 140 errors. Most meta data that did not have start/end tags. Could this be a general error or did I make a misstake somewhere? Perhaps an open question, but I have not been able to track the source... Many thanks for any advice!
  5. hho

    Header Tags SEO

    Ok. Thanks for your support, Jack! I know in which direction to go.
  6. hho

    Header Tags SEO

    Ah... That's why I have a problem. Some of the keywords are not related to any specific products but to info pages (e.g about us or about our products). No way to manually code the to land on these pages?
  7. hho

    Header Tags SEO

    Feels like Im missing something... I dont see where to repoint the keyword in the keyword section. Or actually any way to make changes to the keywords (Im assuming you mean in Admin > Header Tags SEO > Keywords). Could be because Im using Mindsparx admin.. not 100% with all contribs.
  8. hho

    Header Tags SEO

    Jack_mcs: Great contrib! Wow, 327 pages of comments... popular too! I have been looking all over for to find out where the links from the tag cloud keywords are taken and stored. No luck... The problem is that some of the keywords link to pages that aren't related to the keyword, and this would not be directing the robots to a page that is irrelevant. Even after deleting - clearing cache - manually inserting in phpmyadmin I have the keywords pointing to the same url... Is there a way to adjust or control the urls/landing pages? Many, many thanks!
  9. I know. Can't use that one either. Ca 90% of my customers need to change the shipping address in the checkout. Selling gifts... I guess we'll just have to wait.. or hire someone.
  10. I had the same issue, Josh. Then tried creating a mobile version on an existing 2.3.1, with a htaccess redirect and linking to the same db as the www store. No success. It seems this thread is not active...
  11. First, Great (!) contrib. But I'm having some trouble. I only get a blank checkout.php page... not a browser issue, I know that much. Double, tripple checked new and modified files.. no luck. I'm guessing I have a conflict somewhere. Did anyone have the same problem?
  12. hho

    Facebook Connect Support Thread

    Installed the addon, no worries, but the fb connect button is inactive. I suppose it's the new fb sdk. Did anyone figure out how to use this on OSC 2.3.1, with the new FB SDK? Or if anyone has any ideas?
  13. Looks great! I tried doing a file compare, but since I have a very modified osc, not an easy task. Do you have a summary of the changes compared to stock?
  14. hho

    Header Tags SEO

    I've hit the wall... Did anyone get HeaderTags SEO V 3.2.8 to work with SEO URL 5 PRO? I have tried a fix from http://www.clubosc.com/seourls5-htcseo3.html without any luck. Forum not much help either.. Really don't want to drop this excellent contrib..
  15. hho

    Bundled Products

    Has anyone got this module to work on 2.3.1?