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  1. I had trouble with the screen going blank when I updated to osC (now updated to with the screen going blank after trying to place an order using the basic install of PayPal Express.


    I replaced that module with the PayPal Express Checkout w/ Item Description & Total amount = addons.oscommerce.om/info/8271. This seemed to work as the order information went to PayPal and processing looked fine until completion when you hit continue. All I get is a blank screen when it comes back to the store for confirmation. I'm not sure how the token, payerID information is supposed to be handled since I never had this trouble before. Any diagnostic help/advice would be appreciated. Info below just shows that token & payer ID is there.








    Payment is not being processed. The order is not placed. No eMails sent. No error message received.

  2. The new stuff sounds good John!


    A site I just updated http://www.notjustfudge.com/catalog/ is one that would benefit from copying attributes and their values for each product.


    The drop down selections on each product (fudge flavor) allows you to choose the attribute (how many pounds of fudge you want to order).

    This is an example where it would be nice (for price and weight) to copy both option attributes and values (i.e. - options_values_price and options_values_weight) each time you add a new product (flavor of fudge, in this case).

  3. The ability to copy attributes from a product to selected products or to all products of a category (thats tough) requested by Jabbathe22 would be awesome! I just installed your addon and like it better than the AJAX Attribute Manager although AJAX does allow defining sets of attributes that can be copied to other products.


    I need to figure out how to add options_values_weight to show up in the attributes. I have mods that add this to the weight just like the options_values_price so it would be nice to add that. I thought I saw some mention that there were instructions on how to add attributes but I could not find them (unless it was something planned for the future).

  4. I am having a similar problem with the screen going blank after I try to check out. PayPal express is the only option I was using for checkout. The database configuration entries show that it is being set up but I am having problems diagnosing beyond that since I get no eMail error information. I have re-installed osC a few times and called PayPal to see if they can help (maybe reset the API credentials). The PayPal Express Checkout credentials show Success! every time. I'm looking for alternatives and/or some diagnostic help.