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  1. I have utilized George's services on many occassions. From using his Mini Template System to solving other issues on my site, his service is impecable. I cannot express enough what a fantastic customer service orientation George has. He is patient and understanding with us less technical types and gets to the root of the problem quickly. George is extremely fair in his rates and quickly finds solutions to whatever issues you may be encountering. I could not be happier than to have been fortunate enough to have found George and to utilize his services. I had dealings with other developers who would gladly take your money and never perform. George however solves your issues promptly and professionally. Thank you for everything George, and I look forward to many more years of collaboration. Ross - United States TGI Designs, e-commerce site
  2. I am having the following issue. It only exists in IE, the code works perfectly with Firefox. What I am trying to do is have different colors between the active and inactive tabs as well as applying the style in use on the rest of my site. In TabMenuSection.php, I have the following code: $tabName = $this->getTabName($x); $normalDivTab = '<div id="pronuxTab'.$x.'" class="pronuxTabNormal" style="background: #'.$this->CONF['tabColor1'].'; height: '.$this->CONF['tabHeight'].'px; width: '.$this->getTabWidth($x).'px;">'; if(!empty($tabName) || $x < $noOfTabsCalculated) { $menu .= $normalDivTab; $menu .= ' <a class="pronuxLink" onfocus="this.blur()" style="padding-top: '.$this->CONF['tabPaddingTop'].'px; height: '.$this->CONF['tabHeight'].'px; line-height: '.$this->CONF['tabHeight'].'px; width: '.$this->getTabWidth($x).'px;" href="'.$this->getPageURL().'#!tab'.$x.'" onmouseover="this.style.textDecoration = \'none\'" onclick="setTab('.$x.')">'.$tabName.'</a>'; $menu .= '</div>'; $menu .= $borderDiv; } else if($this->getTabWidth($x) <= 0) { continue; } else { if($this->CONF['useATabAsPlaceholder']) { $menu .= str_replace('id="pronuxTab'.$x.'" ', '', $normalDivTab); $menu .= '</div>'; $menu .= $borderDiv; } else { $menu .= '<div class="pronuxTabEmpty" style="height: '.($this->CONF['tabHeight'] + 1).'px; width: '.($this->getTabWidth($x)+1).'px;"></div>'; } continue; } $tabContent .= '<div id="tabContent'.$x.'" class="pronuxOuterContentBox" style="background-color: #'.$this->CONF['outercontentboxBackgroundColor'].'; width: '.$this->CONF['totalWidth'].'px;">'; $tabContent .= '<div class="pronuxContentBox" style="min-height: '.$this->CONF['defaultContentSectionHeight'].'px; height: '.$this->CONF['defaultContentSectionHeight'].'px;">'; $tabContent .= $this->getContentForTab($x); $tabContent .= '</div></div>'; } $menu .= '<div style="float: left;">'; $menu .= $tabContent; $menu .= '</div>'; $menu .= '</div><script type="text/javascript">'; $startJScript = "if(document.getElementById('pronuxTab' + self.document.location.hash.substr(5,1)) != null) { setTab(self.document.location.hash.substr(5,1)); } else { setTab(1); }"; if(!empty($_GET['_escaped_fragment_'])) { if(strlen($_GET['_escaped_fragment_']) == 4) { $startJScript = 'setTab('.substr($_GET['_escaped_fragment_'],-1).');'; } else if(strlen($_GET['_escaped_fragment_']) == 5) { $startJScript = 'setTab('.substr($_GET['_escaped_fragment_'],-2).');'; } } $menu .='/* <![CDATA[ */'; $menu .= $startJScript; $menu .= 'function setTab(tabNo){ for( z=1; z<100; z++) { tab = document.getElementById(\'pronuxTab\' + z); if(tab == null) { break; } tab.style.borderBottomColor = \'#C1C2C6\'; tab.style.background = \'#'.$this->CONF['tabColor1'].'\'; document.getElementById(\'tabContent\' + z).style.display = \'none\'; }document.getElementById(\'pronuxTab\' + tabNo).style.background = \'#'.$this->CONF['contentBackgroundColor'].'\'; document.getElementById(\'pronuxTab\' + tabNo).style.borderBottomColor = \'#'.$this->CONF['contentBackgroundColor'].'\'; document.getElementById(\'tabContent\' + tabNo).style.display = \'block\'; }'; $menu .='/* ]]> */'; $menu .='</script>'; $menu = str_replace("\n", '', $menu); $menu = str_replace("\r", '', $menu); $menu = str_replace("\t", '', $menu); if($printMenu) { echo $menu; } return $menu; In Conf.php I have: $CONF['contentBackgroundColor'] = '41b7c8 url(../mts/themes/ui/tgi-theme/images/ui-bg_gloss-wave_75_41b7c8_500x100.png) 50% 50% repeat-x'; $CONF['tabColor1'] = 'b7d30b url(../mts/themes/ui/tgi-theme/images/ui-bg_gloss-wave_50_b7d30b_500x100.png) 50% 50% repeat-x'; $CONF['outercontentboxBackgroundColor'] = 'f8f8f9'; With this, the tab portions show correctly with the correct format, but the tab content sections completely disappear. No info box is drawn. This is in IE only. If I change to just: $CONF['contentBackgroundColor'] = '41b7c8'; The background color is fine and the tab content shows, but the style of the tab is not correct. Anyone have any ideas what is driving this in internet explorer? As I said, it works great in Firefox. Thank you so much!
  3. rrosenau

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Is there a way to make insurance an optional choice of the customer? I cannot seem to get it to work and can't find it in this thread. Thanks!
  4. Is there any way to get UI themes to work with the tabs and content boxes? I can't figure it out, but I'm a newbie!
  5. rrosenau

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    What file does this string go into???
  6. rrosenau

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hello there........ I am in the process of setting up a new web site (this is all so unfamiliar). I am running osCommerce 2.3.1 with QTPro 4.6.1, AJAX Attribute Manager v and Attribute Sort w/ Attribute Clone 1.8 It seems everything is running, however when I change the sort order in my admin section (with the arrows on the attributes page) it does absolutely nothing on my site. What in the world am I doing wrong?
  7. Help!! Getting this error when trying to go to Admin>Catalog>Product Attributes Fatal error: Cannot redeclare qtpro_products_attributes_string2array() (previously declared in /home/tgides5/public_html/adminrrr/includes/functions/qtpro_functions.php:19) in /home/tgides5/public_html/adminrrr/includes/functions/qtpro_functions.php on line 33 What am I doing wrong?? Got it, copied the wrong code!!! Another question, where can I edit the message "The combination of options you have selected is currently out of stock. Please select another combination."