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  1. duntuk

    Paymentech module Issue's

    how'd you get past the 337 issue? http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1998 i've tried ver 2 and ver 2 update... still got 337 issue... then, i tried the latest contribution (nov 19 20007) still getting 337 error... Fatal error: Call to a member function getValue() on a non-object in /home/wachlerj/public_html/catalog/includes/modules/payment/paymentech.php on line 337
  2. duntuk

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    the template part doesn't save pricing and sort order isn't respected when you load it for other products... this needs to be resolved, until then you're pretty much stuck with the same workload as with the regular attributes manager... :(
  3. duntuk

    LinkPoint Error - Total Not Matching

    try this (taken from LinkpointMS1 V1.5 contribution--which isn't available anymore in contribution listing... don't know why): credit_voucher_gift_card_hack.txt: Simple really, just had to figure out the "PHP" way to do it. Just a couple of edits so I won't include full files. In /catalog/includes/modules/ot_coupon.php: Find lines: if ($od_amount > 0) { $order->info['total'] = $order->info['total'] - $od_amount; Add this line right after: $_SESSION['od_amount'] = $od_amount; In /catalog/includes/modules/ot_subtotal.php: Find lines: function process() { global $order, $currencies; Add right after: $od_amount = $_SESSION['od_amount']; $subtotal = $order->info['subtotal'] - $od_amount; $order->info['subtotal'] = $order->info['subtotal'] - $od_amount; Then, make sure the sort order of the payment lines (via OSCommerce admin site) puts discount before subtotal. Essentially, I just used the global PHP session to make the discount amount available in the standard subtotal routine. There may be more correct ways to do it but it works.