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  1. Urgent help needed with this Module I have installed it but no matter what I do it wont show any postage options, I have removed all limits as suggested as I dont have couriers, turned Free Shipping off in admin, I just cant work it out. any ideas please?
  2. mattwhi

    Article Manager v1.0

    Hi Can someone tellme how I can style the side menu, i cannot seem to find the right file for the side menu?
  3. mattwhi

    Credit Class & Gift Vouchers (CCGV) for 2.3.1

    HI Guys, I have now a working version of this on my 2.3.1 modified version, there are no instructions as with other addons which specify where to input code its just a case of trying to merge your documents. From my experience I would strongly advise not to just upload the files included with the addon, go through each page and add the code where applicable to your existing pages, I did this by change a piece of code and uploading each time checking for errors, yes it takes a long time but it ensures your site does not go down and having to back track through tons of code. Finally one problem I found from this addon is it does not give the customer a balance of their current vouchers so I have added a simple piece of code to the checkout_payment.php <p>Your Coupon Amount is <strong><span style="font-size:14px">£<?php echo $gv_result['amount']; ?></span></strong></p> I have placed this under the following code: <div style="float: right;"> <?php echo '<strong>' . TITLE_PLEASE_SELECT . '</strong>'; ?> </div> Any comments about this would be great whether it is right or wrong or a better way to display this, I have only been doing PHP for a week now (forced to learn to be able to get this addon to work. Thanks for the great contribution.
  4. mattwhi

    Credit Class & Gift Vouchers (CCGV) for 2.3.1

    I have been working on my installation today managed to get the checkout area to recognise the voucher but no matter what I do in the admin it says "*** This is a valid coupon code. HOWEVER: No price reduction can be applied, please see the coupon restrictions that were included with the offer. **" I have also noticed that when creating a voucher in admin, when entering the discount e.g "10%" it doesn't carry it through to the preview, also the restriction I leave black but it says NONE in the preview. Any help most appreciated, I feel like i'm so close to finishing this.
  5. mattwhi

    Credit Class & Gift Vouchers (CCGV) for 2.3.1

    Hi Guys, I would really appreciate some help. I have a modified version of 2.3.1 which I have attempted to hack in the voucher module, the admin side seems to be ok but I cannot seem to get the checkout working, when I enter a code which I have created in the admin it just seems to try and go through to payment, if I have not selected a payment it errors stating no payment method has been chosen, just like it would trying to progree to payment with selecting a payment method. I have minimul PHP / JavaScript exsperience and this module is really important, can someone point me in the right direction or suggest someone to check my code and install it for me? I did find a site the other night offering installations for this mod @ $100 but cannot find that site again?