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  1. It looks like the Easy Populate 2.76i_2_231 has a bug related to downloading info about PRODUCT IMAGES in OSC 2.3.1


    There is code that builds a string called "$ep_products_layout_product" but it is never referenced elsewhere in the file admin/easypopulate.php.


    I did a quick hack and I got it to work - but ONLY for the Complete download option

    More code changes are required for the other download options. - I will try to get to this later and post an update, unless someone gets to it first.


    --- In the file admin/easypopulate.php

    Find about line 1894

    $filelayout['v_products_image'] = $iii++;


    if (!empty($ep_additional_layout_product)) {



    Replace with

    $filelayout['v_products_image'] = $iii++;


    if (!empty($ep_products_layout_product)) { // fix for product images




    if (!empty($ep_additional_layout_product)) {




    Again - this is only for the case "full" or "complete" download. You would have to make similar code changes in other areas.

    I have NOT does extensive testing, but it did download the image names, and when the fields are in the CSV file, they do upload correctly.

    Please backup your DB and test to make sure this works for you.


    Hope this helps some folks.