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    Dynamic SiteMap

    How do I add the code to the schedule Brasilia or São Paulo Brazil? This is the code <option value=au_cdt>ACDT - Australian Central Daylight Time (Australia)</option> <option value=au_cst>ACST - Australian Central Standard Time (Australia)</option> <option value=na_adt>ADT - Atlantic Daylight Time (North America)</option> <option value=au_edt>AEDT - Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Australia)</option> <option value=au_est>AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time (Australia)</option> <option value=na_akdt>AKDT - Alaska Daylight Time (North America)</option> <option value=na_akst>AKST - Alaska Standard Time (North America)</option> <option value=na_ast>AST - Atlantic Standard Time (North America)</option> <option value=au_wdt>AWDT - Australian Western Daylight Time (Australia)</option> <option value=au_wst>AWST - Australian Western Standard Time (Australia)</option> <option value=eu_bst>BST - British Summer Time (Europe)</option> <option value=na_cdt>CDT - Central Daylight Time (North America)</option> <option value=eu_cest>CEDT - Central European Daylight Time (Europe)</option> <option value=eu_cest>CEST - Central European Summer Time (Europe)</option> <option value=eu_cet>CET - Central European Time (Europe)</option> <option value=au_cst>CST - Central Standard Time (Australia)</option> <option value=na_cst>CST - Central Standard Time (North America)</option> <option value=au_cdt>CST - Central Summer(Daylight) Time (Australia)</option> <option value=au_cxt>CXT - Christmas Island Time (Australia)</option> <option value=na_edt>EDT - Eastern Daylight Time (North America)</option> <option value=eu_eest>EEDT - Eastern European Daylight Time (Europe)</option> <option value=eu_eest>EEST - Eastern European Summer Time (Europe)</option> <option value=eu_eet>EET - Eastern European Time (Europe)</option> <option value=au_est>EST - Eastern Standard Time (Australia)</option> <option value=na_est>EST - Eastern Standard Time (North America)</option> <option value=au_edt>EST - Eastern Summer(Daylight) Time (Australia)</option> <option value=eu_gmt>GMT - Greenwich Mean Time (Europe)</option> <option value=na_adt>HAA - Heure Avancée de l'Atlantique (North America)</option> <option value=na_cdt>HAC - Heure Avancée du Centre (North America)</option> <option value=na_hadt>HADT - Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time (North America)</option> <option value=na_edt>HAE - Heure Avancée de l'Est (North America)</option> <option value=na_pdt>HAP - Heure Avancée du Pacifique (North America)</option> <option value=na_mdt>HAR - Heure Avancée des Rocheuses (North America)</option> <option value=na_hast>HAST - Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (North America)</option> <option value=na_ndt>HAT - Heure Avancée de Terre-Neuve (North America)</option> <option value=na_akdt>HAY - Heure Avancée du Yukon (North America)</option> <option value=na_ast>HNA - Heure Normale de l'Atlantique (North America)</option> <option value=na_cst>HNC - Heure Normale du Centre (North America)</option> <option value=na_est>HNE - Heure Normale de l'Est (North America)</option> <option value=na_pst>HNP - Heure Normale du Pacifique (North America)</option> <option value=na_mst>HNR - Heure Normale des Rocheuses (North America)</option> <option value=na_nst>HNT - Heure Normale de Terre-Neuve (North America)</option> <option value=na_akst>HNY - Heure Normale du Yukon (North America)</option> <option value=eu_ist>IST - Irish Summer Time (Europe)</option> <option value=na_mdt>MDT - Mountain Daylight Time (North America)</option> <option value=eu_cest>MESZ - Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit (Europe)</option> <option value=eu_cet>MEZ - Mitteleuropäische Zeit (Europe)</option> <option value=na_mst>MST - Mountain Standard Time (North America)</option> <option value=na_ndt>NDT - Newfoundland Daylight Time (North America)</option> <option value=au_nft>NFT - Norfolk (Island) Time (Australia)</option> <option value=na_nst>NST - Newfoundland Standard Time (North America)</option> <option value=na_pdt>PDT - Pacific Daylight Time (North America)</option> <option value=na_pst selected>PST - Pacific Standard Time (North America)</option> <option value=eu_gmt>UTC - Coordinated Universal Time (Europe)</option> <option value=eu_west>WEDT - Western European Daylight Time (Europe)</option> <option value=eu_west>WEST - Western European Summer Time (Europe)</option> <option value=eu_wet>WET - Western European Time (Europe)</option> <option value=au_wst>WST - Western Standard Time (Australia)</option> <option value=au_wdt>WST - Western Summer(Daylight) Time (Australia)</option>
  2. Hello everyone good morning, sorry I'm not good in English I installed this contribution http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4016/page,12 In the store ta's OK in admin at the time the customer receives the confirmation email in the field of purchasing forms of payment does not show the discount amount as shown in the store What do to get this discount in order to show the client?
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    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Hello, I'm wanting the API code but Google is different now as mandated by the contribution is to link different Was watching do not know if this is https://developers.google.com/android/maps-api-signup could see me if this is the same code that generates the API? This I thank you
  4. Nisinho Brazil

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    Jack_mcs Thanks, I'll update now Thank you friend :thumbsup:
  5. Nisinho Brazil

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    Friends I have a little problem at the store category Next >> When I go to the next page will not return to the same page When you disable the Enable SEO URLs? put to FALSE, and return to normal functioning store in the category goes to page 2 which can be normal friend? help me
  6. Nisinho Brazil

    Graphical Borders

    Olá, sou do Brasil Português Os amigos poderia mim ajudar? queria redondar como que faço? não quero instalar contribuição queria só redondar tem como? Veja a imagem Hello, I'm from Brazil Portuguese The friends could help me? wanted round like I do? contribution would not want to install only has the round? See the picture
  7. Olá, já foi resolvido achei o erro usei o arquivo original Obrigado (Nisinho do Brazil)
  8. Olá, sou novo aqui sou do Brazil bom eu instalei esta contribuição Simple Multiple Images (Unlimited) with PrettyPhoto Popups V0.9 Ao entrar em admin Categorias / Produtos apareceu este erro Warning: reset() [function.reset]: Passed variable is not an array or object in /home/sofil/public_html/loja/admin/categories.php on line 872 Warning: Variable passed to each() is not an array or object in /home/sofil/public_html/loja/admin/categories.php on line 873 Este é os códigos // Simple multi image addon LINHA 872 É ESTE $i=1;reset($products_image_array); LINHA 873 É ESTE while (list($key, $value) = each($products_image_array)) { echo tep_draw_hidden_field('products_image_' . $i, stripslashes($value)); ++$i; } // EOF Simple multi image addon Poderia mim ajudar?