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  1. MzBeanz

    Recover Cart Sales

    I have been runing this for some time and something very strange has occrued. I got reciept of payment for an order, but never received the order. So I checked my recover cart area in admin and there it was! How can I move the order to the orders section and out of the recover cart area? Thanks!
  2. I use paypal and I have never installed IPN just make sure you go to your paypal account and go into your profile>selling preferences>Website Payment Preferences and enable Auto Return for Website Payments and you have a page that tells your customers they have completed their payment to you. Maddie
  3. That happens when you query the databse more then once. You can delete it via phpmyadmin. Bring up your data base and click on configuration on the left side.... then on the right click on Browse at the top and then go page by page until you come across the duplicate entries.. delete the ones you do not need. (Most likely on one of the last) Hop it helps Maddie
  4. MzBeanz


    I ad to change it in the language file as well...thanks! Maddie
  5. MzBeanz


    Thank you for the kudos! I will fix the typos thanks for pointing them out *giggles* spelling not a strong point for me :huh: I always work late :D I live for the job who needs sleep :P Thanks for doing all you do! I LOVE your mod! :thumbsup: Maddie
  6. You are right *duh* I am so bad :'( sorry ... if you have not made any modifications to the general.php file use one from the osc download. Maddie
  7. MzBeanz

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    I am getting this too was a solution ever reached? Thanks maddie
  8. MzBeanz


    I agree ... He totally ROCKS!
  9. Sanguinarius Try using the general.php file from Rigadin's Full package 5.13 of 22 Apr 2005 ... Just overwrite the one you have unless you have modified it for other modules. Hope this helps. maddie
  10. MzBeanz


    Hi there I applied the 4 files but I do not see the adjust button... is htere not an update for the sql? Thanks this rocks! Maddie
  11. it depends on how you have the coupons set up, not the sort order (for this particular problem). If you add it this way it comes out the way you want: Sub-Total: $20.00 Orange County Tax (6.50%): $1.30 USPS Shipping (First Class / Priority Mail): $5.00 20.00+1.30+5.00=$26.30 Now take the 30% = $7.89 Right now you have it setup to figure it this way $20.00 + $5.00= $25.00 -30% =$7.50 So my guess, if I understand the problem correctly, is the settings under admin/modules/order total/discount coupon total need tweeking. It seems you want the shipping to be included in the calcualtions so check to see if: Include Shipping set to true and Include Tax set to true You can IM me if you need further assistance and I am on yahoo messenger Maddie
  12. Hi Tom, Those, I suppose, are listed in the config file becasue that is where you set up your store variables. These two instances are designed to provide the store owner a way to make a gesture to new customers by sending them a coupon or voucher to be used against their first purchase in your store and incentive so to speak. Does this help explain it? Maddie
  13. When I posted the fix for the latest package, I misstyped the file path to check for the french fix here is the correct path sorry :( The way I fixed it: What I did was to use Rigadins download and opened the same file(s) catalog/includes/modules/order_total/ot_coupon.php around line 556 catalog/includes/modules/order_total/ot_gv.php around line 321 and after this line of the following in those 2 files function install() { I copied the english from this file to the updated one that portion if the files. Then I uploaded these files... but then you have to go into admin panel and remove the module and reinstall it by clicking on the green plus sign... then you should see it in english. Hope you were able to follow that. Update: I was told by Gyakutsuki who prodived an update 24 May 2005: "Just a little update in ot_coupon payment. Now you can use free shipping with an amount. It does'nt work before" He said this was this file was the only one altered. So using the previous versions files should fix it. A bit easeir then how I did it.... less room for error. if anyone needs help you can IM meand as time permits as I am working on several projects right now.
  14. Easiest way to fix is by upload the language files from Rigadin 22 Apr 2005 version. also for others having problems it really helps to read through the forums or do a search the answers are here. I know it is a lot to read... here is how I fixed several of the more asked about issues I had installed 5.13d version and I had alot of these same problems. I went back to Rigadin's full package 22 Apr 2005 - Full package 5.13 and it cleared them up. Then I went back and installed the fixes/updates - 18 May 2005 - Update 5.13a - 24 May 2005 - CCGB V5.13b but only upload and overwrite this file catalog/includes/modules/order_total/ot_coupon.php or you will have french in the admin section. The author of this update said all he modified was this file. - 26 May 2005 - Order Total Module - 29 May 2005 - Clickable link in Email Fix I hope this helps. Maddie